Secret Link to Check Out Latest Single from Watergate Sandals

Watergate Sandals is a garage rock band hailing from Santa Cruz, California. The band consists of students from USC and is known for their rambunctious house shows. The debut album, “Pick Apart the Jewels and Gems” is to be released April 28th on Coog Radio’s own Travis Phillip’s label Some Weird Sin Records. “Lloyd” is the second single off of the upcoming album. The song has a groovy California vibe to it and I’m marking it to be on everyone’s summer playlist this year and for years to come. “Lloyd” is available on SoundCloud, but as a private link. Never fear music lovers for I have the inside. Here is the link to check out “Lloyd” and get a feel for the treat you are in for whenever “Pick Apart the Jewels and Gems” is released.



By Corina Carrizales

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