Rihanna’s New Song: “B-tch Better Have My Money”


FourFiveSeconds and now this. Rih, what did we do to deserve this? (Thank you!)

At the iHeartRadio concert, Rihanna entered the stage via helicopter wearing what I can only describe as the sexiest leprechaun outfit I’ve ever seen. She then proceeded to tell the audience that that “B-tch” better have her money! The song is definitely a more revved-up version of “Pour it Up.” Guaranteed to make you dance.

Now normally, I would never do this but this beautiful reaction video.. I seriously couldn’t have said it better myself (Or danced better)! “Female version of I DON’T F-CK WITH YOU!” Our parties on campus just got upgraded.

If you’re interested in seeing her live performance at iHeartRadio, here you go. Everything you ever hoped and wished for is here. (teardrop) Rih-Rih’s back.



By: Brianna Kyles

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