Clover the Girl New Single: “Writing’s on the Wall”

Written by on September 28, 2017

Clover the Girl is a Dallas native that graces our ears with a perfect combination of grit and pop, giving us these ballads of emotion and truth with sick, head-bouncing beats. She draws inspiration from the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Halsey. Both of whom, I would argue, would readily give an approving nod to the interesting conglomeration of the two that Clover the Girl has been able to create.  She and her drummer/co-writer/multi-instrumentalist released their first single “Filter This” in April 2016, followed by “O.K. Fine” and “Detox” in September of the same year. Now, after a year-long hiatus, Clover the Girl has released a new single entitled “Writing’s on the Wall,” and it’s perfection.

This song is about an illusive relationship, one in which she, amid the “sweetness” of it all, couldn’t/wouldn’t see the truth. The imagery is truly beautiful. The idea is built around the signs always having been there (i.e. the writings on the wall), but it isn’t until the relationship “burned to the ground” that she is able to look closer. This song is exploring the pain of not only being deceived by someone you love, but also the poison of having been so consistently blind to what was clear.

In telling this story, Clover the Girl brings her iconic grit, making this story all the more real and dynamic. Her sound doesn’t fit the neat definition of pretty, and if it did, it wouldn’t do the song justice. This song is one of pain and anger, and you can hear it… along with some of that Halsey inspiration. Her voice brings so much character to the song that it was a smart move to limit the accompanying music to mostly a rather simple collection of beats. It all works.

Clover the Girl is bringing a sense of truth to pop, and I’m welcoming it with open arms. Hopefully, we won’t have to endure another year before hearing what she’s got next.

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