The Oregon indie-pop quartet gives us the sound of the summer with their third studio album, “Future Shine”. After three years since their last album, Flor takes us on a journey of finding yourself and finally accepting where you’re at. It was released on May 6. 1. “24” With breezy vocals, cynical lyrics, and upbeat […]

Clover the Girl is a Dallas native that graces our ears with a perfect combination of grit and pop, giving us these ballads of emotion and truth with sick, head-bouncing beats. She draws inspiration from the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Halsey. Both of whom, I would argue, would readily give an approving nod […]

Inspired by the timeless story of Romeo and Juliet, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is Halsey’s latest concept album which tells the story of a made up universe based around two star crossed lovers who go through hell for love. Halsey’s previous debut album Badlands was a reckless and dangerous place which mirrored her mind and where she […]

Long gone are the days of TRL and when MTV would play music videos during hours that people are actually awake. Seriously…TRL was the best way to promote what was new in the music and entertainment industry and nothing has replaced it since. Nowadays, networks like MTV and VH1 are so concentrated on reality shows, […]

http://gty.im/487136032 Can I just start of by gushing over Halsey’s new hair? She has rocked everything from long mermaid blue tresses to her natural fro (she’s half black, let’s not forget) to a short badass buzz cut; but I love love LOVE the short blonde bob she effortlessly pulls off. As for the music video, […]

Coverage by Rupal Mehta, Waylon O’Day, and Tiffany Valdez

An iconic venue rich with traditions and historical significance, House of Blues has been the spot for many great artists and bands to perform at. So when Halsey announced her own very first tour and set House of Blues Houston on the list, I typed every code that came to my head – I got […]

With a quick rise to the top in just a little over a year, Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name, Halsey, has kept her audience on their toes in anticipation of her first full-length album Badlands. In her short time in the spotlight, Halsey has opened up for The Kooks, Imagine Dragons and has even […]

  With less than a week until Fall 2015 semester begins, we have to come to terms with the fact that summer is over and we have to cut back on our weekday nights out, impulsive road trips, partying and even late-night Netflix marathons.

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