Halsey’s Anticipated New Music Video for Colors

Written by on February 29, 2016


Can I just start of by gushing over Halsey’s new hair? She has rocked everything from long mermaid blue tresses to her natural fro (she’s half black, let’s not forget) to a short badass buzz cut; but I love love LOVE the short blonde bob she effortlessly pulls off. As for the music video, get ready for a plot twist that will leave you saying “what the f-?!”

The video just has me feeling all sorts of ways. First off, the handsome Tyler Posey aka Scott McCall from MTV’s Teen Wolf, who is such a babe, is in the music video. Seeing the short teaser Halsey tweeted of them sharing googly eyes at each other during class was enough to make me lose it. Then there’s the video itself. I loved the dusty, pale-ish setting and the aesthetics of the shots along with Halsey’s school girl outfit that plays along with the story line. I don’t know about you guys, but i’m still recovering. Watch the video below and tweet me what you think!

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