Concert Review: Halsey at House of Blues

Written by on October 14, 2015

An iconic venue rich with traditions and historical significance, House of Blues has been the spot for many great artists and bands to perform at. So when Halsey announced her own very first tour and set House of Blues Houston on the list, I typed every code that came to my head – I got it on the second try – so I could get pre-sale tickets before they sold out. Thank God, because the minute tickets went up for sale, they were gone within minutes.

I’ve been called crazy for going to concerts hours earlier before doors open. For The 1975, I waited 15 hours – not  counting the waiting once you go inside – so I could be front row and it was still hell. Seeing as Halsey’s fan base was similar, I planned on doing  the same but was devastated when I woke up late and arrived at 7 a.m. I  had expected a line to have already been formed but was surprised and super relieved to only find three other people in line.

But pretty soon, my heart began to sink as the hours passed by and people started showing up only to go in line for Camp Badlands, which gave you first entrance. I had given up all hope of being by the barricade when thirty minutes before doors opened, a guy in a grey and green baseball shirt came up and asked what time I had come to wait in line. Confused I gave him my answer as he counted nine others who were waiting behind me. “I saw you earlier this morning. Welcome to Camp Badlands.” He smiled as he gave me my own Badlands passport and VIP bracelet before ushering me to the front of the line along with the new friends I had made. To say I was really happy was an understatement.

After signing the Halsey poster, we rushed to the very front and I grabbed onto the barricade with anticipation. Even though they were running a little behind schedule (they were actually very late but I was too excited to care) the room suddenly went dark and a projector lit up with Halsey on the screen. The room exploded into cheers but quickly died down when we discovered it was actually a video message about the Badlands.

“If you manage to escape…run, and don’t look back.” The screen glitched before shutting off. The room burst with anticipation once again and soon, we were greeted by the opening band, LANY, who gave a great performance.

Finally, the lights changed colors to her signature blue with some purple and the atmosphere became static as the beat for “Gasoline” started playing. Everyone started screaming and pushing as Halsey’s tiny figure came sauntering towards the center of the stage in all black. After finishing the song, she followed up with “Hold Me Down” and was starting to sing “Castle” when an accident occurred. Not even a good 15 minutes into the show, a girl passed out from all the shoving and Halsey immediately told her DJ to “cut the f*ing track”.

Halsey gave a quick but aggravated speech, apologizing to Houston for being the place where she had to do this, but that she was sick and tired of people getting hurt at her concerts because no one knew how to behave like adults, threatening that if it continued, she would cancel the rest of her tour and wasn’t “f*ing around”.

“I will cancel my whole tour if this keeps happening. Sorry that it has to be you who hears this Houston but I’m not f*ing around.”

After a couple of other songs, she apologized again for getting cross with the crowd, saying that she wasn’t a mean person, she just loved her fans and wanted us to enjoy the concert safely.

Despite the little incident, Halsey managed to give a great and energetic show, dancing and changing into a more sexy leather black one piece with a hoodie covering her short blonde hair.

She did her famous back contortion in the middle of Ghost after letting us sing the very beginning without music and even burst out laughing as the people next to me offered her a huge poster cut out in the shape of her head.

The concert came to an end as she gave a speech about being true to yourself despite what society tries to force you to believe and that by not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks is how you survive before the venue exploded with $100 Badlands dollars as she sang “New Americana.” To those who missed out on the concert, pray you get a chance to see her perform at least once because I assure you, you will leave a changed person.

To those who did go to the concert, leave a comment down below about what you thought of the show!

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