Fun Fun Fun Fest Artist Spotlight: Slow Magic

Written by on October 14, 2015

slow magggg

As mysterious as it sounds, nobody really knows much about the producer, Slow Magic.  What we do know is that he makes amazing music that has no lyrics at all, he wears a cool mask, and is gaining a decent following. Having remixed songs by Kodak to Graph and Daktyl, and doing an amazing job with both of those songs, he is getting his fair share of attention. He performed at the Buku Music and Arts Festival in New Orleans earlier this year as well as Sweden’s Where’s the Music Festival back in February.

When I first heard his music, I felt a connection immediately. Leaving his music to speak for him, instead of lyrics, you always get a different interpretation each time you listen. Some of his music has a more sensual vibe that I find easy to relax to, while others have an energy pumping feel that can help give you that extra motivation you need.

The mask that he wears while he performs is very unique. Much like a lot of people can recognize DeadMau5 because of the giant mouse head he wears and the many buckets that guitarist Buckethead wears, Slow Magic wears his unique mask of an animal (which through previous interviews is said to be up for interpretation). His mask has been worn at every show he has played and for the most part his fans respect it. It also helps provide a visual aspect in his performances due to the fact that it lights up while he plays according to the music.

Performing along side of artists such as Goldpanda, XXYYXX, Daktyl, Giraffage, and Lindsay Lowend, he is a great performer live. Having friends who have seen him play live, they say it is a completely different experience from most of the other producers out there right now.

Be sure to get your passes for Fun Fun Fun Fest, you won’t want to miss Slow Magic, or any of the other amazing musicians that will be performing. Check out the full lineup here.


By Reza Mousavidin

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