Austin City Limits Music Festival Recap: Day 3

Written by on October 16, 2015


Coverage by Rupal Mehta, Waylon O’Day, and Tiffany Valdez

New York City pop duo LION BABE opened the last day of ACL with a loud roar with performances of their songs “Jump Hi,” “Treat Me Like Fire,” and many more. Jillian, singer out of the duo, strolled on stage in a bright red kimono and a pair of cheetah print gloves. Later, she switched her shoes to a pair of tall platform boots in order to properly perform “Wonder Woman.” Her eclectic dance moves and contagious beats from Lucas (LB’s producer) couldn’t keep the crowd from standing still; everyone was feeling their good vibes throughout the entire set.


Photo by Rupal Mehta

Marian Hill
From afar the familiar deep saxophone notes and heavy bass beats of Marian Hill were heard as we approached the Miller Lite stage. The dynamic duo showcased their iconic sound to a very appreciative crowd through some of their hit songs such as “One Time” and “Got It.” Flinging around her long blonde ponytail and stomping around in heels, vocalist Samantha Gongol enraptured the crowd with her dancing, energy and of course, her signature delicate voice that has made up and coming music group, Marian Hill, all the rage.

Although the sun was scorching, the energy was explosive. Sporting a beach blonde pixie cut and a stylish black ensemble, Halsey put on fantastic show. The indie pop singer performed a lot of songs from her new album, Badlands such as “Hurricane” and “Colors” as well as “New Americana” which she closed off her set with. “I sing about the human condition,” she informed her fans halfway through her set, and with such powerful lyrics and the kind of enthusiasm such as the one she had during her set, there is no doubt that indeed the inspiration of simply being human is enough for Halsey to be the amazing performer she proved to be.

Chance The Rapper
Perhaps one of the biggest crowds of the day, Chance the Rapper took ACL by a whirlwind. With an energetic crowd and a serene sunset overhead, Chance’s set was surely one of the most exciting audiences to be part of. Everything from “Baby Blue” to “Cocoa Butter Kisses” and “Favorite Song,” Chance performed some of his most popular tracks. His fans were also some of the most devout, singing resonated throughout the crowd and hardly anyone stood still. A great mid-day act, Chance provided one of the most popular and well received performances of the weekend.


University of Houston students enjoying Chance the Rapper on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The British electronic dance trio graced the stage with a hypnotizing light show and hard-hitting beats with classic hits such as “Promises” and “Doomsday” that we all know very well. The trio’s singer, Alana, was donned in an all-black floor-length dress as she sang to the electric beats that Joseph and Daniel were spinning. The crowd responded well to every song that was played during the entire set, jumping up and down and dancing around.

The Weeknd
We made it, readers! We made it to the end of Austin City Limits Music Festival and The Weeknd was right alongside us to celebrate. A packed Honda stage lit up when Abel Tesfaye came on stage to a track from his latest album Beauty Behind the Madness. The R&B singer sang hits from Trilogy such as “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls,” “The Morning,” and even closed out the show with a slowed down version of “Wicked Games” for his “day one fans.” A truly beautifully executed set by The Weeknd was the perfect way to end an even better weekend full of fun and great music.

We would like to thank Fresh and Clean Media and Austin City Limits Music Festival for being such great hosts for the weekend and showing us the best time. We would not have been able to cover so many shows in such little time without y’all. Check out ACL’s Weekend Two recap below:

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