The money, the cars, the clothes, and the h**es, have all become typical topics in this game that we call rap. Don’t get us wrong, we love this music! But dropping five hundred stacks on a Tuesday at the strip club… A little too rich for our blood. Sometimes, we long to hear something more authentic. Music that resembles actual life.

Houston’s very own Stoppa gives us that real life scenario we’re looking for. In his new video “WTF”, the rapper “keeps it one hundred.” From money issues, to relationship issues, Stoppa addresses it all. Check out “WTF”!

Not too long ago, Stoppa sat down with Coog Radio, and opened up about his musical journey and personal life. Listen to our Stoppa exclusive below!

Listen to Coog Radio’s Stoppa Exclusive

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By Tobechi Oparah

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