Artist Spotlight: Great Good Fine Ok

Written by on April 6, 2015

Great Good Fine Ok? More like incredible, extraordinary, amazing, and mind-blowing! Light up tambourines, disco lights inside of drum sets, awesome stage outfits/dance moves and a smooth falsetto that leaves everyone in the room speechless. Sounds great already right?


I had the pleasure of seeing Great Good Fine Ok when they opened up for Magic Man on their headlining tour and I was blown away. Their music, their stage presence, and everything in between was amazing, I was instantly obsessed.

Great Good Fine Ok is a band consisting of Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman from Brooklyn New York. The band released their debut EP entitled “Body Diamond” this past October. The EP consisted of You’re The One For Me, Not Going Home, Say It All and By My Side.

In their live shows Great Good Fine Ok has enlisted the help of Tristan Clopet, Russ Flynn and Danny Wolf to bring the sound to life.

The band just released their new EP “2M2H” which features “Something To Believe In” a song that they recorded with St. Lucia. Live, this songs leaves everyone speechless when vocalist Jon Sandler switches it up from his silky smooth falsetto and showcases his vocal talent.

Now let’s talk about keytar solos, because Luke Moellman is a pro at that. Remember when I said amazing stage presence? It doesn’t get any better than having some spiffy dance moves while Luke shreds it on the keytar. This band is different, yes definitely, but sometimes we need different and this band is all the different you need. They just finished up their tour with Magic Man and hopefully they’ll be back in our neck of the woods soon, but until then check out their EP’s “2M2H” and “Body Diamond” and also check out this song they did with The Chainsmokers called “Let It Go.”

Great Good Fine Ok on Twitter.
Great Good Fine Ok on Facebook.

Buy “Body Diamond” and “2M2H” on iTunes.
Recommended tracks: Too Much To Handle, Something To Believe In, By My Side and Not Going Home


By Norma Becerra

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