Review: Madeon’s “Adventure”

Adventure, aptly named, feels like a human journey. “La Lune” addresses the melancholic proposition of aging, featuring vocalist Dan Smith from the band Bastille. “OK” is an anthem to happiness with no labels or cause- simply the feeling. “Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit, an addictive banger, encourages independence and love. From beginning to end, Adventure glows with energy.

Madeon likes to violate your assumptions about electronic by crossing genres mid song. He incorporates jazz chords a la Cashmere Cat to end “Pay No Mind” and plays with gospel-sounding chord progressions in “You’re On”  and “Nonsense”, showing he’s not afraid to deviate from standard French House songwriting.

“Nonsense” could just as easily work in a live set as a break between high-energy songs like “You’re On” or as a radio hit single. Its combination of a chillwave tone and compelling vocals innovates and elevates the genre of electronic music as a whole.

Madeon debuts his vocal talents on several tracks on the album, including “Home”.

Overall, this album needs more attention than it’s currently getting. It’s easily one of the best electronic releases of 2015.

Rating: 4.9/5


By Nicholas Randall

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