Update Your Taste with The Wombats!

There’s always new music coming out and it’s so hard to keep up. There’s a new album being released this week that we’re not going to let you miss, by The Wombats! They’ve been working hard in the studio to release their third full length record entitled “Glitterbug.”

This is Liverpool gang has been around for about twelve years. They’re well versed in how to make pop music with an electronic sound. Their last album was out four years ago so “Glitterbug” has been highly anticipated. Their singles released earlier this year include “Greek Tragedy” and “Give Me A Try.” This music video to “Greek Tragedy” is particularly awesome and comes highly recommended. (Parental Advisory warning.)

You can check out The Wombat’s music, new and old, on Spotify, iTunes, and their website. Hopefully the group will make their way over the pond sometimes soon! Follow them on their Twitter and like their Facebook for updates in the future!


By Bethany Polson

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