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With her last album, Planet Her, released in 2021, Doja Cat makes her grand re-entry into the music scene with her latest album release Scarlet. Dropped on September 22nd,2023, what felt like a long game of music snippets, ambiguous social media posts, internet trolling and a 360-degree aesthetic turnaround has come to a close. With […]

Indigo De Souza catapulted the month with her new single “Younger & Dumber,” a somber take on nostalgia toward past relationships. With an upcoming headliner tour and her new album All Of This Will End, set to release in April 2023, Souza presents fans with a new era following her 2021 album Any Shape You Take. […]

Five years after the release of their fifth album After Laughter, the genre-neutral band is back with yet another funky tune that took Paramore fans by storm. Paramore’s fifth album After Laughter was a musical masterpiece in terms of writing, and without a doubt, one of the band’s best eras in music. In 2018, they […]

On Oct. 21, 2014, Robert Bryson Hall II, better known as Logic, brought us his debut album, Under Pressure. The release blew away his fans that accumulated over the span of the almost five years of releasing mixtapes, as well as the many listeners that were blown away by the way he delivered his messages in his […]

There’s always new music coming out and it’s so hard to keep up. There’s a new album being released this week that we’re not going to let you miss, by The Wombats! They’ve been working hard in the studio to release their third full length record entitled “Glitterbug.” This is Liverpool gang has been around […]

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt opens up in his second album, released digitally Monday March 23, and gets deep into the tiny corners of his mind. Even though the album was originally planned to be a “surprise,” fans were ecstatic to finally have new jams, either way. So I, in my haste to listen to the album, bought earphones at […]

Muse has confirmed via Twitter that the release date of their new album Drones will be June 8, 2015. It’s been three years since their last album, The 2nd Law and Drones marks their seventh studio album overall, the art and track listing is all very Muse-esque. Their ‘fight the system’ persona seems to alive […]

Glass The Sky is a band with a large pallet. The band’s sound delves in atmospheric soundscapes formed by sonically adventurous dual guitars and lush key work, yet is grounded with a more progressive rhythm section. It’d be easy to categorize the sound as “post-rock” if not for the band’s clever use of clarinet, vocal […]

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