Indigo De Souza’s New Single “Younger & Dumber” Hints New Era

Written by on February 23, 2023

Indigo De Souza catapulted the month with her new single “Younger & Dumber,” a somber take on nostalgia toward past relationships. With an upcoming headliner tour and her new album All Of This Will End, set to release in April 2023, Souza presents fans with a new era following her 2021 album Any Shape You Take.

MANCHESTER, TENNESSEE – JUNE 16: Indigo De Souza performs during 2022 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 16, 2022 in Manchester, Tennessee. (Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage)

The new single discusses Souza’s acceptance of her past heartbreak. It juxtaposes it with her prior album, which only displays the anguish of unrequited love. Unlike her past songs, “Younger & Dumber” tells the story of understanding despair instead of dwelling on the misery of a broken heart. In an interview discussing the new track, Souza comments,

“When you’re young, you don’t know any better, but you learn from your experiences, and then you become somebody who’s been alive and learning.”

She then explains how heartbreak is similar to a child entering adulthood. A relationship starts with an innocent, childlike state of love, only to end in brutal misery. Souza beautifully encapsulates this in a soft ballad followed by an electric bridge. 

Any Shape You Take Album Cover. Photo Courtesy of Bandcamp.

As fans enjoy the new track, they uncover the acceptance stage of heartbreak through settle cues. For instance, the title of the new album, All of This Will End, foreshadows Souza coming to terms with her troubles and reflecting on the lesson she learned. Along with the candid title, the album cover art unlocks hidden clues about finding blessings through tragedy.  

All of This Will End Album Cover. Photo Courtesy of Pitchfork

In a painting by Souza’s mother, the album depicts two skeletons in the desert during sunset. One sits next to a broken vehicle symbolizing tragedy, while the other takes a photo of the incident. This symbolizes the acceptance of unfortunate circumstances. In a haze of red, orange, and pink hues, the sunset symbolizes a chapter ending, hinting at Souza coming to terms with their past experiences. When interviewed about her unique album covers, Souza states the reasoning behind the skeletons is so they can be

“Growing and embracing each other in death. I mean, aren’t we all?”

Accompanied by the release of the new album cover, Souza published a music video for “Younger & Dumber,” further driving the message of learning through nostalgia. In the video, Souza appears dressed like a sea creature emerging from its shell. Then, the screen flashes videos from her childhood while she dances on an ocean-like studio set. 

As the song begins slowly, Souza dances eloquently around the set, floating as if she is a creature of the sea. Yet, as the electric guitar enters the song, she dances with more intensity and less grace. Then, in the song’s climax, Souza dances on a drizzling set, taking off her costume to reveal her face. As more childhood clips flash on the screen, the audience can visualize when Souza loses touch with her childhood self and begins to experience heartbreak.  

After her intense interpretive dance and many clips from her youth, the screen fades, and the credits roll. The audience is left in awe as Souza visually demonstrates the song’s message of 

“how heartbreaking that is; to start as a child with vivid curiosity, innocent imagination, and joy, and for the world to end up being kind of brutal to be a part of.”

With the universal theme of heartbreak, Indigo fans will enjoy this new wave of music focusing on healing a wounded heart and mind. With the new single and album, Souza will present her vocals on a 2023 American tour from March 1st to September 10th. There will also be new merch to advertise the album cover art. It will be an exciting year for the artist and the start of a brand-new lyrical journey.

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