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Indigo De Souza catapulted the month with her new single “Younger & Dumber,” a somber take on nostalgia toward past relationships. With an upcoming headliner tour and her new album All Of This Will End, set to release in April 2023, Souza presents fans with a new era following her 2021 album Any Shape You Take. […]

2022 has passed, and with it, a new year of music begins! We will discuss Shakira and Miley’s most recent releases, backstory, and what is yet to come!

After his last album GO:OD AM, it was pretty impossible to guess where Mac Miller would take his talents next. With albums and mixtapes such as Watching Movies with the Sound Off, Faces, K.I.D.S., and many others, it’s pretty hard to top such an extensive discography. However, four days ago when Mac Miller sent out […]

If you follow Mac Miller on Twitter you probably already saw the plethora of tweets he sent out about his upcoming album.

Oh yes… Yeezy won’t stop, can’t ever stop! Kanye sets the fire ablaze, figuratively and literally, once he performs his new song “All Day” at the BRIT Awards and you better believe it had everyone in the audience screaming from Taylor Swift to his own wife Kim Kardashian West who introduced helped Kanye to the stage. I […]

Wild Nothing just released a new song off their upcoming Nocturne. “Paradise,” much like the album’s first single “Shadow,” has Jack Tatum going out of his drippy power-pop shell created by 2010’s summer soundtrack Gemini. Turning to synthesizers for atmosphere and counter melody, the real driving force is the potent groove locked in between guitar and drums that […]

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