Concert Review: Bad Suns Brings California Vibe to Fitzgerald’s

Written by on May 15, 2015


Bad Suns finally returned to Houston on their latest headlining tour after having to cancel their show at Fitzgerald’s back in February due to health issues. Warming up the crowd was Orange County based foursome, Kiev. The saying goes; “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but in this case it was more along the lines of ”don’t judge a band by their opening track”. Kiev opened up the night with a very mellow song, which had the crowd a bit confused but that mellow sound quickly turned into some groovy tunes and by the end of their set the entire crowd was swaying in unison. This was Kiev’s second to last show with Bad Suns and they were very thankful for the opportunity to open for them.

A very quick set change later, Bad Suns emerged onto the stage opening up with their song “Transpose” off their 2014 EP by the same name which captured the crowd immediately. “Take My Love and Run” and “Dancing on Quicksand ” followed and kept the crowd dancing and singing the lyrics loud.  As the set went on, Bad Suns’ California sound brought the bands’ summer energy to a humid, rainy night in Houston with tracks off their Transpose EP and their full length “Language and Perspective” which was released back in June 2014.

(photos by @shadowpico on twitter)

Halfway through the set, front man Christo Bowman shared a story about the last time they played at Fitzgerald’s saying that they played in the much smaller room downstairs to about 15 people, and hoped to play the venue again to a bigger crowd, which they definitely accomplished a year or so later playing the upstairs room in front of a sold out crowd.

The crowd sing-a-long echoed throughout the venue during the band’s last song “Cardiac Arrest” which left everyone in the room wanting more. With “encore! encore!” chants resonating inside the venue, Bad Suns returned once again to the stage and performed “We Move Like the Ocean” and the very popular track, “Salt” to close out the night.

Bad Suns’ set was full of contagious energy, and dance-y vibes which left everyone anxiously awaiting warm, sunny weather and summer fun.


By Norma Becerra

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