Concert Review: Juicy J’s The Hustle Continues Tour

Written by on May 15, 2015


Juicy J is known for his club bangers, crazy personality and even crazier concerts. The Memphis native rapper brought all of that and more to the House of Blues on Thursday night.

A few weeks ago, the recording artist injured his leg on tour and resulted in him needing to get knee surgery on his left leg. That being said, Juicy limped onstage (with a backdrop of huge illuminated letters spelling out “THC”) out of nowhere with a white cast on his left leg about two hours after doors opened and started the crowd off with hits from his latest mixtape Blue Dream & Lean 2. He limped around stage in an attempt to keep the crowd hype and definitely succeeded in every way. From “I Don’t Mind” to “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” Juicy performed almost every hit song he is either featured on performed on himself. The crowd’s energy was electric and contagious throughout his entire one and a half hour set.

The audience went crazy when Juicy J brought back a few Three 6 Mafia classics such as “Stay Fly” and “Ridin’ Spinners.” While we are all used to the rapper’s high energy during tours, it was nice to see him try his best to maintain that same energy while injured; it really showed how much he cares about his music and fans. He let the audience know his appreciation for them to come out to his concert even when he was injured.

After Juicy finished his set, the curtains closed and the house lights turned on. However, the audience cheered “one more song!” and the artist popped out of the curtains on one leg (revealing his bright white cast) and performed another Blue Dream & Lean 2 hit to officially close out the show.

Juicy J’s high spirits kept the audience hype and happy for a great night at Houston’s House of Blues. Check out a short snippet of Juicy performing “Stay Fly” from my personal Instagram account below! #StayTrippy


By Rupal Mehta

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