House of Blues Crowd Shut Up and Danced with Walk The Moon

Written by on May 3, 2015

All photos by Sarah Hoffman

All photos by Sarah Hoffman

After their hit “Shut Up and Dance” swept the nation, Walk The Moon has been playing in front of sold out crowds on the Talking is Hard Tour in support of their newest album that was released in December, and their stop at the House of Blues in Houston was no different. The Ohio foursome were strong from beginning to end and the energy in the venue was incredible. For this tour, the band also incorporated a magnificent light show into the set along with their famous face paint, which almost everyone in the crowd was sporting, and a killer intro using The Lion King’s “Circle of Life.” 


“Houston you’re dear to me,” said front man Nick Petricca during their hit “Shiver Shiver.”
Walk The Moon is very open about their love for Texas crowds and they hold all the cities very near and dear to their heart.

“Tejas, como estan ustedes?? You feeling good tonight?? we feel great!”


The band played songs from their newest release, Talking Is Hard including “Different Colors,” “Spend Your $$$,” “Aquaman” and “Work This Body” along with some from their self-titled album which included “Tightrope,” “Lisa Baby,” “Jenny” and a very inspirational song, “I Can Lift A Car” which comes along with a wonderful message from Nick Petricca.

“Quiet your hearts and your mind…I want everyone to picture for a moment floating in your personal atmosphere. All of the [BS] all the stuff that’s making you feel.. less yourself, tired, angry or sad, pull it in until you can trap it deep, deep inside and once you got it I want you to push it up your body.. up above your shoulders up into your hands.. fingertips, up up up until its GONE”


The band closed out their set with “Shut Up and Dance,” which went platinum a week ago. They then came back and performed an incredible cover of The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done,” and had the crowd singing at the top of their lungs as they played their first big hit, “Anna Sun.”

“Here in Walk The Moon world, we stick up for one another, we look out for one another, we lift each other up, we celebrate one another no matter how different.”


The show was an incredible success both for new and old Walk The Moon fans. To anyone who has never seen them before, I say this: first of all, listen to this band, listen to the words and the messages in each song because they are very inspirational. You will find a song that you can connect to, that will help you through some stuff, get you out of a rut or just help you get rid of some boredom by getting you off your feet and dancing until you cannot dance anymore.


By Norma Becerra

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