Will Fans Swipe Right For Hilary Duff’s New Tinder-less Video?

Written by on May 29, 2015

Ask Hilary Duff for an alternate version of her music video and you shall receive! After a split from her husband of five years, rumors swirled that Hilary Duff took to Tinder to get back into the dating game. After she admitted to giving the popular app a chance, viewers were even more surprised to see her two dates chronicled in her new music video for the single “Sparks.” Although the first version has nearly ten million views, fans begged the “Younger” star through social media to put out different version without the scenes documenting her dates and radio interviews. If you haven’t seen the original yet, check it out here!

Many voiced concerns that between clips of Duff’s fun, neon-filled choreography, the Tinder scenes took away from the video so that it felt more like a documentary. Nearly two weeks after the video’s debut, Duff assured fans that she has been listening to their concerns and released the “fan demanded” version on Thursday:


So without further ado, check out the new alternate version here to see if it sparks your interest!

Let us know in the comments below which version you prefer! “Sparks” will be featured on Hilary Duff’s fifth studio album, “Breath In. Breath Out.,” which goes on sale June 16! Until then, be sure to check out Hilary as “Kelsey” in TV Land’s new series “Younger!”

You can also pre-order Hilary’s new album here!

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By Rae Tolbert

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