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In honor of the recent release of two music videos for “Damn” off his second album LOVE ALL SERVE ALL and new single “grace” (and a trending TikTok audio!) we are highlighting the musical works of J-Pop artist Fujii Kaze! Once again TikTok has pulled a gem from the archives and breathed into it a […]

  I know that when this Texas native has been quiet for awhile, he’s brewing something good…and I was right! After going a few months without any new content, Travis Garland and his #tgtuesdays are here to change the game!

Much like in the past, Kali Uchis delivers one hell of a music video that includes her homeland Colombia and plenty of hip-heavy dancing.  

I know what you’re thinking. How in the world did she manage to listen to anything else but Tori Kelly these last few weeks? Well, I’m not saying it was easy, but I succeeded and I live to tell about it. Let’s talk about some of my June favorites!

If you want a “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun” type of song that reminds you of the Spice Girls, Little Mix’s new single “Black Magic” is that song! It will take you from 2015 to the 1990s pretty quickly. If the Bratz dolls and Sabrina The Teenage Witch came together to make an almost […]

Ask Hilary Duff for an alternate version of her music video and you shall receive! After a split from her husband of five years, rumors swirled that Hilary Duff took to Tinder to get back into the dating game.

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