ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Fujii Kaze – Well Deserved Viral Sensation!

Written by on October 20, 2022

In honor of the recent release of two music videos for “Damn” off his second album LOVE ALL SERVE ALL and new single “grace” (and a trending TikTok audio!) we are highlighting the musical works of J-Pop artist Fujii Kaze!

Once again TikTok has pulled a gem from the archives and breathed into it a new life. If you’ve been scrolling recently, you may have heard “Shinunoga E-Wa” in the background of a character or celebrity edit. The song was released in 2020 in the artist’s debut album HELP EVER HURT NEVER but has seen a revival on TikTok mostly from the help of the K-pop and Anime sides of the app. One TikTok of a live performance of the song shared by the account Universal Music Singapore currently stands at a whopping 3.4 million likes and 41.4 million views. This viral boom is well earned (maybe even overdue) as the song is a guaranteed good listen.

Twenty-five-year-old Fujii Kaze is an artist with humble YouTube piano-cover beginnings starting twelve years ago. Since then, he has become a formidable artist with both album releases reaching No.1 on Billboard Japan’s Hot Albums chart and several award wins under his belt. Through his music and social media presence, he has spread a message of positivity, earth consciousness, freedom and love. Kaze has added to this image through his creative music videos and live performances which elevate the songs from just a casual listen. Whether it’s a stadium performance or high-budget video, he puts the full force of his charisma into every note.

If you’re looking to get into Fujii Kaze, here are a few recommendations to get you started:

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A personal favorite, and a great display of his vocal ability! This song has accompanied me throughout college, with the guitar giving me that pep in my step to get me across campus walks. “SAYONARA Baby” exudes high energy and the stretched out ending gives you that satisfying yell-into-a-mic feeling.

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This song from his most recent album LOVE ALL SERVE ALL plays right into the artist’s affinity for fun. The dominating flute sample in the back paired with the groovy flow of the song (and a fun little dance to follow along with if you watch the music video) makes for an energetic release that is impossible to skip.

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If your tastes lean more vocal heavy and a bit slower in tempo, this will be right up your ally. Though classified under the J-pop genre, his work features some jazz and rock influences, and that really shows through in this song in the skillful piano playing and jazz-like percussion. Even if you don’t know Japanese, Kaze’s heartfelt delivery assures that the deeper meaning of the lyrics reach you. Overall, a perfect poetic autumn listen.

Through his first-rate discography, Fujii Kaze has established himself as an artist to put on your best playlists. This is the kind of music you can put on aux and forget your worries to this fall.

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