Author: Audrey Marston

Gracie Abrams has absolutely blown up as an artist in the past two years. Just a little over a year after releasing her debut album, Good Riddance, Abrams has come back from touring worldwide with Taylor Swift to bring us her sophomore album, The Secret of Us. Starting the album cycle off with the much-anticipated […]

Happy Pride Month, y’all! As June comes to an end, I am so excited to be able to highlight some queer artists making music that we should all be streaming all year long. These artists have self-identified as queer, and all make very different but nonetheless impactful music about queer love and their own experiences […]

While I grew up in an era where bachata was widely respected and appreciated, I learned that that was not always the case.

Maggie Rogers has been making music in the public eye for over a decade now. Having gone viral in 2016 at an NYU showcase, in which she left producer Pharrell speechless with a demo of her song ‘Alaska,’ Rogers is no stranger to the music industry. Rogers’ third album Don’t Forget Me, introduces us to […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Being 33% Irish (thanks, 23andme), and a lover of Irish media (I love you, Ayo Edebiri) I was so excited to compile a list of incredible Irish songs and artists to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day. For this list specifically, I wanted to compile a group of songs that invoke Irish […]

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