10 Queer Artists You Need to Know this Pride Month

Written by on July 3, 2024

Chappell Roan performing at Coachella 2024, Photo courtesy of Alden Bonecutter

Happy Pride Month, y’all! As June comes to an end, I am so excited to be able to highlight some queer artists making music that we should all be streaming all year long. These artists have self-identified as queer, and all make very different but nonetheless impactful music about queer love and their own experiences within their LGBTQ+ identities.

In order to ensure that this list reflects as many perspectives as possible, I chatted with my many wonderful queer friends, who were more than happy to tell me all about the artists that they love to listen to. This article is dedicated to all of my queer friends (whether I know you or not) that I love so very much!

However you identify- or if you choose to identify with anything at all- I hope that the following artists’ music helps you feel confident to be who you are and celebrate pride every day of the year!

Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan is THE rising queer pop it-girl of the moment. With her fame exponentially increasing by the minute, I just had to put her at the start of this list. Her drag-inspired looks and campy lyrics are absolutely worth checking out. having seen her live a few times now, I can attest to how powerful of a performer she is, and how much she truly cares about the LGBTQ+ community, which includes her highlighting local drag queens as show concert openers and raising money for multiple queer charities at her shows. Chappell’s push into the mainstream is unparalleled, and with her she is bringing drag, queer artistry, and infectiously fun music to the forefront of pop culture.

My pick: “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl” – The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

Joy Oladokun

Joy Oladokun has been making music professionally since 2015, taking inspiration from Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, and Tracy Chapman, to name a few. Joy’s four studio albums have spanned folk, country, and R&B genres, and she has notably collaborated with Noah Kahan, Chris Stapleton, and Mt. Joy. When speaking about the inspiration for her music, Joy said that she writes for her younger self because “She needed to hear that you can be queer and happy. Queer and healthy. Queer and holy.”. I discovered Joy’s music on a walk one day and was INSTANTLY hooked by the raw authenticity of her lyrics and the power of her voice. Joy has so much to say not only about queerness but about life and how to we live, and I think its time for all of us to give her a listen.

My pick: “Changes”- Changes


Composed of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson, MUNA has achieved a near cult-like following within the queer community. Having met as students at the University of Southern California, the band has a punchy pop sound that occasionally veers into rock, and always promises to be enthralling. MUNA has cemented a place for a new- and way more exciting- kind of pop band. They have notably refused the label of “girl group” (as both Maskin and McPherson identify as nonbinary), and have done much to advocate for inclusivity towards nonbinary folks in the music industry. Having recently opened for Taylor Swifts ‘The Eras Tour’ and played at Coachella, MUNA is only rising in popularity and should definitely be on your radar!

Rina Sawayama

Releasing primarily indie-electronic music, Rina released music independently starting in 2013, before dropping her critically-acclaimed debut album Sawayama in 2020. Rina’s music is heavily influenced by the digital age, and attempts to comment on how we form identities online and their implications. Rina cites Madonna and Lady Gaga as artistic inspirations, which can be seen in her many dance-pop tracks. Rina’s experimental sound is infectious and striking. One play and I promise you won’t be able to stop listening to what she’s put out.

My pick: “Cherry”- Hold The Girl

Troye Sivan

I can’t make a list about queer artists without mentioning Troye Sivan! Starting out as a YouTuber in the early 2010’s, Troye has only continued to grow in popularity with his most recent album Something to Give Each Other. The virality of his recent releases make you bound to hear them on the radio, interspliced on Spotify playlists, and just about anywhere you go (I recently walked into a Claire’s at the mall playing his hit, “Got Me Started.” Troye’s synthy, poppy, punchy music just begs to be listened to in a sweaty and crowded club, while his slower ballads are like a punch to the gut (in the best way possible). The music video for his single “One of Your Girls”, featuring a cross-dressed Troye seeking the attention of romantic interest Ross Lynch, went ultra viral and has only added to his popularity.

My pick: “One of Your Girls”- Troye Sivan

Kevin Abstract

As the leading man of hip hop group Brockhampton, Kevin Abstract is no stranger to the music industry. Having released several projects with Brockhampton and on his own, the Texas-native is no stranger to the music industry. Having ran away from an ultra-religious household at 15, Kevin has been making music both independently and with a label ever since, with the music video for his song “Hell/Heroina” being funded entirely through I discovered Kevin in my sophomore year of high school at the height of Brockhampton’s popularity. The realness in Kevin’s lyrics and the artistry in his production makes him one hell of an act worthy of getting into.

My pick: “Seventeen”- American Boyfriend

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is no stranger to the music industry. Having received ten Grammy nominations, and having won countless of other awards, Janelle is one of- if not the- most decorated artist on this list. A mainstay in R&B and funk music, Janelle’s third studio album Dirty Computer received critical acclaim like no other. Having come out as bisexual, pansexual, and non-binary, Janelle’s lyrics center on her experience as a queer black woman, while her production is always nothing short of infectious. Aside from making music, Janelle has also received critical acclaim for her acting, such as in the 2016 film Hidden Figures. A multi-talented icon, Janelle Monae’s music is definitely worth diving into.

My pick: “Make Me Feel”- Dirty Computer

Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf has had an absolutely explosive year while on her way to release her sophomore album Big Ideas this July. Remi is no stranger to TikTok vitality, with her collaboration with Dominic Fike titled “Photo ID” having gone viral in 2020, and her one of her most recent releases “Cinderella” has also gained attention on the app. Remi has described her music as “funky soul pop.” A recent opener for Olivia Rodrigo, and incoming performer at numerous music festivals (including Austin City Limits this fall), Remi’s infectiously fun music is definitely something to keep on your radar.

My pick: “Cinderella”- Big Ideas


Zolita is a lesbian alt-pop act known for her cinematic music videos. Citing Lady Gaga as her main musical influence, her music centers on her experiences in relationships with women. Zolita has gained the most attention for the cinematic trilogy of music videos she released back in 2022, starting with the video for her song, “Somebody I F*cked Once.” The trilogy of cinematic music videos explored a relationship between two teenage girls in the 90’s, following them all the way into adulthood. The videos were produced, directed, and edited by Zolita, who has shown that aside from being an incredible musician, she is also an outstanding filmmaker.

My pick: “Bloodstream”- Queen of Hearts


Nemo is a Swiss musician best known for winning the Eurovision contest in May 2024. Prior to entering the Eurovision contest, Nemo won multiple Swiss Music Awards, and had become a known act around the country. After gaining global recognition for being the first openly nonbinary person to win the Eurovision contest, Nemo has used their influence to be an activist for nonbinary people in Switzerland, with them recently calling o the Swiss government to legally recognize a non-binary gender classification. Nemo has released four EP’s in the past, and is planning on releasing more new music following their Eurovision win. I highly recommend checking out Nemo’s music, as the combination of classical music with rap, hip hop, and techno influences unlike anything I have ever heard before, and their performances are truly incredible.

My pick: “The Code”


By spotlighting some of these artists, I hope that I can help more people to appreciate their incredible contributions to not only the LGBTQ+ community, but to arts and culture as a whole. All of the artists on this list are pushing boundaries in some way with their art, and are helping to create a more inclusive and vibrant music industry and community. I hope that their music helps you celebrate pride month however you choose to! Happy Pride!

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