Fort Minor Releases First New Song in 10 Years

Written by on June 25, 2015


For those of you that like Linkin Park, you may be familiar with founding member Mike Shinoda. About 10 years ago he created Fort Minor as a side project with more of a hip-hop base, as opposed to Linkin Park’s rock/rap metal style.

Fort Minor was deemed a one-hit wonder because the single “Where’d You Go” was the only one to reach the Top 25. In 2006, Shinoda announced that he would be going on hiatus from FM due to his dedication to Linkin Park but his sudden updates on certain Fort Minor social media pages in the past few months signaled to fans that something was coming. On June 22nd, he performed his brand-new single on Conan, entitled “Welcome.” He began by dedicating it to the “outsiders and the underdogs” and after listening to the song, you can understand why. I personally still listen to “Remember the Name” on the daily because it’s a classic, and I cannot get enough of this new song.

The best part is-you can download it for free on Fort Minor’s website!

The wait has been seemingly unending but finally, here is Fort Minor’s new single “Welcome.”


By Fatema Sabir

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