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When a new year starts, we tend to look back at what we have done and what we could have done. We tend to reflect on the good and the bad, and nostalgia may start. Listening to music you loved in the past can definitely help you realize how far you have come. In light […]

What is the best approach to naming a band? Most of the time it seems as if there is no technique, but the name is simply a roll of the dice and random words strung together. At first glance at the band name Fever 333, the first thought is just that, “Well, that’s random.” The […]

For those of you that like Linkin Park, you may be familiar with founding member Mike Shinoda. About 10 years ago he created Fort Minor as a side project with more of a hip-hop base, as opposed to Linkin Park’s rock/rap metal style.

Last week, I made the 2000’s playlist that brought back the teen angst we all probably went through in high school but if you were anything like me that wasn’t the only phase you went through. My music taste from 8th grade until I graduated changed A LOT and now I’m just a mixture of […]

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