River City Rockfest Artist Spotlight: Fever 333 Heats Up San Antonio With Their Calls for Change

Written by on September 4, 2018

What is the best approach to naming a band? Most of the time it seems as if there is no technique, but the name is simply a roll of the dice and random words strung together. At first glance at the band name Fever 333, the first thought is just that, “Well, that’s random.” The nomenclature is not so arbitrary though. The letter ‘C’ is the third letter of the alphabet. In Fever 333, the ‘C’ represents community, charity, and change. The “Fever” is explained in the preface to their song “Hunting Season” featuring Travis Barker on the drums, “A fever is a sign that your body needs ample time to rest and heal in order to recover completely. The goal of these methods is to lower the fever as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get out of hand.” The name symbolizes the ideology that this nation is feverish for change in community and charity.

Fever 333 consists of singer, Jason Aalon Butler, guitarist, Stevis Harrison, and drummer, Aric Improta. In talking about names, how cool are these? Aalon, Stevis, and Aric Improta. Not only do they have some unique names, they have a unique sound. Established in 2017, the music is a marriage of rap, rock, and dub step. They beg the comparison to acts such as Rage Against the Machine and Linkin Park. However, the group is in a category of their own. Building off of their past experiences and creative influences in groups such as letlive, The Chariot, and Night Verses, they create a sound that is distinctive, hard, and rousing. With their profound, rebellious, political lyrics, divorced from any care and criticism, paired with this sound, they breathe life into the lazy and uninspired. “Trigger,” “Made An America,” and “We’re Coming In” are heavy, stirring examples of their impactful, moving, heavy sound. Their platform and social media sites are created to be “Safe space[s] to speak your mind, to use your voice, and to be whoever it is you know you are or choose to be” as havens for they encourage and prompt to change.

A Fever 333 show is an experience, safe haven, and place to thrash. They refer to them as demonstrations and they contain metaphorical picket signs featuring glowing lyrics of, “Killing us off and then avoiding indictment there,” “We show you how to act true, Dead white and, dead white and blue,” and “Got seventeen bodies now, Your conscience must weigh a ton, But did you really think that we was gon’ let this shit go?” Butler establishes the pace of the demonstration at 120 mph with his intense, heated, and exciting energy. In a random show at Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California, he climbs a trailer. Previously in Lubbock, Texas, he thrashed his hand through some glass. Butler, Harrison, and Improta return to Texas this September for more feverish sets. September 22nd, they will heat up River City Rockfest. The guys are touring their debut album, Made an America. Yelawolf is also on the line up of River City Rockfest. Make sure you get your tickets, in the event they surprise guests with a live performance of “(First Stone) Changes” featuring Yelawolf.

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