10 Albums that Turn 10 in 2022

Written by on January 12, 2022

When a new year starts, we tend to look back at what we have done and what we could have done. We tend to reflect on the good and the bad, and nostalgia may start. Listening to music you loved in the past can definitely help you realize how far you have come. In light of the new year, here are 10 albums that released 10 years ago in 2012.

1. Red by Taylor Swift

Time Magazine, Republic Records

Since Red turns 10 this year, I wouldn’t doubt streams for this album will go higher. The anniversary for it will be interesting, however. The initial release was under Big Machine Records in Oct. 2012, while “Taylor’s Version” was released just two months ago. With Swift’s loyal fanbase, we should expect Red (Taylor’s Version) to be celebrated over Red.

Top 3 from Taylor’s Version:

  1. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”
  2. “Nothing New (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)”
  3. “Sad Beautiful Tragic”

2. LIVING THINGS by Linkin Park

Warner Records

Yes, “Burn It Down” came out 10 years ago. An underrated album from the group, LIVING THINGS is probably their first “official” pop album. With their a cappella and instrumental version of the album, you get a new appreciation of the songs. It’s the more fun album of their discography, yet so overlooked. The album was released on June 20.

Top 3 from this album:


3. Some Nights by fun.

Fueled by Ramen

Some Nights is a very cohesive album. With two Grammy awards and multiple platinum certifications, it is one of the best alternative albums of the 2010s.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “It Gets Better”
  2. “One Foot”
  3. “Carry On”

4. Don’t Panic by All Time Low

Hopeless Records

Speaking of alternative music, All Time Low made their huge comeback by signing back to Hopeless Records and releasing Don’t Panic in 2012. The album eventually became a fan-favorite since the band released Don’t Panic right after their 2011 flop album Dirty Work on Interscope Records, which was big news if you were in your emo phase around this time.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver”
  2. “Outlines”
  3. “Somewhere in Neverland”

5. Collide With the Sky by Pierce the Veil

Fearless Records

Where do I begin with this album? If Spotify Wrapped was a thing 10 years ago, it would say something like:

You spent 2.5k hours listening to Pierce the Veil. Your top song this year was “Props & Mayhem”. Are you okay?

This was the biggest release of 2012 if you were an angsty teen. Hell, I listened to Collide with the Sky throughout junior high and high school. Emo kids had this album running through their veins. I wish I could go back to when I heard this album for the first time—I don’t care if I stopped teasing my hair or lost my eyeliner skills.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “Props & Mayhem”
  2. “Tangled In The Great Escape”
  3. “Bulls In The Bronx”

6. Halcyon by Ellie Goulding

Polydor Records

The entire listening experience to Halcyon never disappoints. It’s my favorite album by Ellie Goulding and it clearly has some of her best songs. Halcyon was released on New Year’s Day 2012.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “Explosions”
  2. “Hanging On (Edit)”
  3. “Anything Could Happen”

7. An Awesome Wave by alt-J

Infectious Records

Yes, “Breezeblocks” came out 10 years ago. Another cohesive album with nice transitions, An Awesome Wave was released on Sept. 18. Though this album came out in the fall of 2012, it always reminds me of days when I would listen to this album that following summer. This was definitely what I would listen to when I was at the beach or when I would just go longboard around the neighborhood.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “Breezeblocks”
  2. “Ms”
  3. “Matilda”

8. Gossamer by Passion Pit

Columbia Records

I just love a feel-good indie pop album. Ten years ago, Passion Pit released their second studio album on July 20. Most of Gossamer is on my indie playlist (which I titled “edgy or whatever”). This album is something to come back to, especially if you’re feeling like the protagonist in a coming of age film.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “Mirrored Sea”
  2. “Carried Away”
  3. “Cry Like A Ghost”

9. Born to Die by Lana Del Rey


Alright, I’ll admit it—I’m actually not a big Lana fan. That being said, I do like a few songs off this album and weirdly enough, they give me nostalgia. I always think of the Tumblr era…not sure if that’s good or bad. Now you know that any time I hear “Summertime Sadness”, I unfortunately think about my phase of flower crowns and reblogging edits of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on Tumblr. The album was released on Jan. 27.

Top 3 off this album:

  1. “Blue Jeans”
  2. “Video Games”
  3. “National Anthem”

10. Kids In The Street by The All-American Rejects


The All-American Rejects was one of the first bands I got into, so of course I had to end this list with their last album. (By the way, their debut album also turns 20 this year). A very underrated album, yet it has some of my favorite songs by them.

Top 3 from this album:

  1. “Walk Over Me”
  2. “Kids In The Street”
  3. “Beekeeper’s Daughter”

What are some other albums turning 10 years old in 2022? Do you think any artists will do something in celebration?

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