Check! Out! Wildcat! Wildcat!

Written by on September 16, 2015


Wildcat! Wildcat! is one of those bands that you see listed for things, winning awards, playing shows, opening for people, releasing music, but you never really listen to them. Sure, all the bands they’re playing shows with are similar to bands you like, but why bother. And yes, all of your favorite bands say they’re great, but they have to do that, because they’re label buddies or whatever. Though in reality, this time, you’re actually missing out big time.

Wildcat! Wildcat! are an awesome indie pop group from Los Angeles, of course. Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson, and Jesse Carmichael, make up the group and have been preforming together for over three years. They received some attention when they opened for Alt-J at the end of their first year as a band. Now, they’ve released an EP and an LP via Downtown Records. Their debut album, No Moon At All, was released last year, so we may be receiving new music soon.

The group isn’t touring at the moment and they’ve been laying low on social media. Word on the street is they’re recording new music and getting ready to blow out our minds. In the meantime, check out their music on Spotify and buy it on iTunes. Go ahead and like them on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube, and follow their Twitter (they follow back) and Instagram!


By Bethany Polson

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