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You might remember reading about As The Hart, a Christian band from deep east Texas who was featured on Coog Radio last fall. You’re in luck, because they just released a new single.

Words by: Bethany Polson The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour brought their lineup to Houston, Texas this week. The House of Blues was full of scream-emo aficionados who came out on a Monday night to support their love affair.

Patternist, a one man band composed of Gabe Mouer, has been bringing new sounds to the indie electropop scene since 2014. Mouer was originally part of a band who had the opportunity to tour quite a bit in the beginning when he decided to take a break from music to finish college.

Fallulah, a Danish musician, who now resides in Germany, released her third studio album on Feb. 16, 2016. She’s been performing for her entire life, starting off as a dancer. Now, focusing on music, she has been compared to artists like Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds.

WALK THE MOON just released a live album, entitled You Are Not Alone, recorded at the Greek in Los Angeles, California. The album includes commentary from the band as they perform a full set. This high energy piece mimics the experience for fans who’ve not yet been privileged with seeing them live.

Sometimes after waiting through two openers who were not on the bill you’re somewhat prejudiced towards the third opener, who was also not on the bill. This almost happened to me when Hydra Melody came on stage last Wednesday night, opening for Tilian at The White Swan Live. I rolled my eyes as their full […]

You just never know where you’ll find new music to enjoy, this time, we’re importing all the way from Little Rock, Arkansas. Knox Hamilton is an alternative band who is currently on tour with indie folk group Grizfolk.

2016 is here and it’s time to get into some new music. If you like Arctic Monkeys or The Kooks, Cage The Elephant might be for you. Rock music from Kentucky? I’m not kidding. These guys have been producing indie rock for the past decade. They made a name for themselves in England, with their […]

Houston, we have…the opposite of a problem! Local, successful music. Waterparks are an up and coming pop punk band from the Space City herself. After joining the scene in early 2012, Waterparks has been gaining traction rather quickly.

Doing our best to keep you updated on who to look out for, this week we bring you Cemetery Sun! An alternative rock group from Sacramento, California. Starting out not too long ago, the band has quickly grown a fan base in Northern, California, and is promoting their two singles out now.

Calling all Christian music fans, get ready to fall in love. Introducing, As The Hart, a Christian contemporary rock band from Nacogdoches, Texas. The goal of their project is to glorify God, with music that “flows from the heart and soul.”

It’s not every day that you hear of new music coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but that’s happening today! Vinyl Theatre, the electronic indie band who has been touring with Smallpools, Grizfolk, and Against The Current, is coming back to Houston.

Let me introduce you to SafetySuit, the pop rock masterpiece from Tulsa, Oklahoma. This band, originally formed in 2002, have been on an unannounced hiatus for the past several years. This hiatus sent their fan base into a confused spiral as there was no word from the band as to the current status of their […]

Youngblood Hawke, the indie band from So Cal, has been a little AWOL for the past year. Enough so to bring up questions, but not enough to concern the fans. Their debut album, Wake Up, put them on the map with the indie pop scene in 2013, especially so with their single “We Come Running.” […]

I’m always looking for new music to get stuck in your head, so this week I bring you Flor! These West Coast musicians are currently touring the Midwest with Coin and Colony House. Their sound is about as indie pop as it gets, similar to artists like Magic Man or CRUISR. Their music is the kind […]

Wildcat! Wildcat! is one of those bands that you see listed for things, winning awards, playing shows, opening for people, releasing music, but you never really listen to them. Sure, all the bands they’re playing shows with are similar to bands you like, but why bother. And yes, all of your favorite bands say they’re […]

Another band to get stuck in your head, coming up! This week: Gemini Club. This four piece from Chicago might be a little different from what you’re used to as their electronic rock style is hard to duplicate and therefore pretty contagious.

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