Artist Spotlight: Cemetery Sun

Written by on November 30, 2015


Doing our best to keep you updated on who to look out for, this week we bring you Cemetery Sun! An alternative rock group from Sacramento, California. Starting out not too long ago, the band has quickly grown a fan base in Northern, California, and is promoting their two singles out now.

Their debut single, “(Hard Drugs) Fake Love” was released earlier this year and has been making waves in their local scene. The song has enough of a pop sound that it could be played on Top 40 radio but also enough pop-punk that you’ll be bobbing your head a little bit. It’s very catchy and brings out that teenage angst inside you.

Even more recently, the group released their second single, “Wish It Was Love,” on November 20th. There’s even a new bright and shiny music video out that you can watch right now! (And a free download, that you can get by clicking here!)

These first two releases are just the tip of the iceberg for Cemetery Sun, the band has already recorded 30 new tracks that they’ll narrow down to make their debut album, due out sometime early next year. Like their Facebook page so you can keep up with when this LP is due out! Follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Listen to them on Spotify and grab the songs on iTunes. Go ahead and tell them Coog Radio sent you!


By Bethany Polson

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