Artist Spotlight: Youngblood Hawke

Written by on October 15, 2015


Youngblood Hawke, the indie band from So Cal, has been a little AWOL for the past year. Enough so to bring up questions, but not enough to concern the fans. Their debut album, Wake Up, put them on the map with the indie pop scene in 2013, especially so with their single “We Come Running.” The band formed after Simon Katz and Sam Martin were done with their project called Iglu & Hartly, but wanted to continue making music. Now, the group consists of Simon Katz, Sam Martin, Nik Hughes, Alice Katz, Omar Ahmed, and Tasso Smith.

The music Youngblood Hawke has released thus far has a very unique sound, they were some of the front runners when it comes to using children’s vocals in their hooks. Now working on their second album, they’ve released a single titled “Knock Me Down” which already has a different sound than their debut music. The band has been teasing fans with clips of new music and pictures from the studio, but there’s no word on when they’ll grace us with the new LP.

Until then, you should give Wake Up a listen on Spotify and support them via iTunes. Follow their Twitter, Instagram, and like their Facebook page for more information. Who knows, maybe Youngblood Hawke will pull a Beyoncé on us and release their new album with no promo at all?


By Bethany Polson

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