Fave Cover Friday: Childish Gambino covers “So Into You”

Written by on October 9, 2015

Childish Gambino, multi-talented rapper, actor, writer, comedian, singer, and even talented cover-artist. Is there anything Gambino can’t do? Honestly, the answer’s probably no. On October 1, the low-key rapper crawled from under his collective rock to bless the internet with a cover of Tamia’s “So Into You” on the radio station Triple J.

For those unfamiliar with Tamia, she’s a singer who’s produced some of the most classic sounds of early 2000’s r&b. You might have heard of the classic breakup song “Officially Missing You”. She released “So Into You” in 1998 and, as said in the video, there’s even a version with rapper Fabolous.

Skip to 1:18 if you’d like to go straight to the cover, but I personally think the whole video is worth a watch. By the end of the cover, I couldn’t help but bob my head and snap my fingers along to the beat as well. Gambino really did the song justice, and even stayed true to the song by not changing the pronouns of the song from “boy” to “girl,” which I thought was pretty cool.

And if you couldn’t get enough- Gambino also covered his own song “Sober” from his album Kauai. The only thing that would make this chain of videos better is if Gambino announced that he would be dropping an album soon… But that’s wishful thinking and I’ll just appreciate this cover for now.

Safe to say I’ll be listening to this cover on repeat for a while. Hope you feel the same.


By Daisha Lewis

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