Artists Spotlight: Aquilo

Written by on October 8, 2015


Not much can be found when searching more information about this band of two, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because lucky you, it’s the perfect time to listen to the new artists so when they finally blow up (and they will very soon, trust me) you can claim to have known about them first. Bad because well, you don’t know anything about them really.


Neighbors since they were kids, Ben Fletcher (20) and Tom Higham (25) aren’t exactly strangers to the music scene. They’ve both been making music for as long as they could remember in their extremely small village (seriously, the population is 1,520) Silverdale, England. Ben was in a grunge band while Tom was playing in a rock band and the two weren’t exactly friends. Come along a couple of years, Ben releases a song on Soundcloud and Tom hears it one day and marches right up to Ben’s house which is right in front of his, deciding that they would create something great together. Fast forward present day and the duo are making these beautiful sad songs that sound like gentle waves crashing against your soul.

Their music videos are quite interesting and often times, I have to remind myself that its just a music video and not some short indie film I happened to stumble upon. The one below for example, which is quite…..intense, blew my mind. My jaw literally went slack when I finished watching it.

Aquilo is the perfect band to listen to when you’re feeling a little sad or want to hear tragically beautiful lyrics. Their first EP, Aquilo is also great to add to your fall/winter playlist to listen to once it gets a little bit more chilly. You can also purchase or listen to their Human and Calling Me EP on SpotifyiTunes and Soundcloud but be warned, get ready for some serious feels.


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