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Mayday Parade announced their 2022 tour, the 11th Anniversary Self-Titled Album Tour, last week. Their self-titled album was released on Oct. 4, 2011. Out of their 6 studio albums, their self-titled still has some of their strongest work. It is my personal favorite, and lead vocalist Derek Sanders’s favorite by them as well. To celebrate […]

Brandon Duhon and Rodney Connell were unknowingly dating the same girl. They first met when the girl was killed in a car accident and after the unfortunate event, the two bonded and started a musical collaboration. Together they created Night Drive in 2013 with the inspiration of sci-fi cinematic landscapes. Duhon and Connell take you […]

Hello COOGS! I want to share a little something Coog Radio has been going crazy over the last two months. I am new at Coog Radio and when I heard about DAY FOR NIGHT, I was really excited to go. DAY FOR NIGHT is a music festival that combines amazing headlining musicians with captivating digital […]

Sometimes after waiting through two openers who were not on the bill you’re somewhat prejudiced towards the third opener, who was also not on the bill. This almost happened to me when Hydra Melody came on stage last Wednesday night, opening for Tilian at The White Swan Live. I rolled my eyes as their full […]

Not much can be found when searching more information about this band of two, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because lucky you, it’s the perfect time to listen to the new artists so when they finally blow up (and they will very soon, trust me) you can claim to have […]

Whatever gift giving holiday (no pun intended) you celebrate came early this year! The lovely people of Born Cages just released their debut full length masterpiece I’m Glad I’m Not Me. The New York natives have been preforming together since 2011 under the original name “Electric Sun.” The group is composed of lead singer Vlad Holiday, bassist and […]

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