It’s Almost Here: Day for Night

Written by on November 18, 2016

Hello COOGS! I want to share a little something Coog Radio has been going crazy over the last two months. I am new at Coog Radio and when I heard about DAY FOR NIGHT, I was really excited to go. DAY FOR NIGHT is a music festival that combines amazing headlining musicians with captivating digital art installations. This is not your traditional music festival because DAY FOR NIGHT, don’t believe me? Check out the video below:

That looks amazing right? Well If you are still curious, DAY FOR NIGHT is a two day festival. It is going to be held at the Barbara Jordan Post Office on December 17 and 18. So now would be a good time to save the date and get your tickets!

For all the music lovers, DAY FOR NIGHT has a thing for popular music but they mainly showcase trailblazers who crossover from fringe to experimental music. So get ready to see some very talented DJ’s and musicians. Headliners include Aphex Twin, Björk Digital, and Kaskade. Artists such as SOPHIE, Thundercat, and Little Dragon will also make an appearance at the festival.

If you guys want to check out more information about the festival, check out the links below:

Coog Radio

Riding the Airwaves

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