Author: Ruchi Bhakta

Events this Fall: 2017 Hello Cougars! I hope you all were safe during Hurricane Harvey and in all hopes we survive this semester. On behalf of the Coog Radio team, I want to welcome you to a new semester at the University of Houston. I also want to applaud the Houston community for staying strong […]

Hey Coogs! I hope the spring semester is going well for you! A few days from now, one of the best dubstep artists’ is going to be in town on Friday, March 24th. Excision, also known as Jeff Abel, is a Canadian DJ and producer. He is considered one of the first DJs and producers […]

The most important things in life are the little things. Searching for love, finding yourself, and discovering your inspiration is not little though, right? In the quest for peace, we turn to music. We attempt to blur our surroundings for a few moments so we can purely distract ourselves from the goals we have not […]

On behalf of the CoogRadio crew, I wish you a Happy New Year! This year, CoogRadio vows to exercise the phrase ‘new year new me’ with reviews in music and movies, updates on new and returning shows on CoogRadio, and keeping you in the know with the latest concerts and festivals. Check out our website […]

Brandon Duhon and Rodney Connell were unknowingly dating the same girl. They first met when the girl was killed in a car accident and after the unfortunate event, the two bonded and started a musical collaboration. Together they created Night Drive in 2013 with the inspiration of sci-fi cinematic landscapes. Duhon and Connell take you […]

Blonde Redhead This alternative, indie, and experimental rock band has been going at it for more than two decades. Originally Blonde Redhead was created in 1993 and consisted of twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace, Kazu Makino, and Maki Takahashi. In 1995, the band worked with Steve Shelley and Smells Like Records label to debut […]

Hello COOGS! I want to share a little something Coog Radio has been going crazy over the last two months. I am new at Coog Radio and when I heard about DAY FOR NIGHT, I was really excited to go. DAY FOR NIGHT is a music festival that combines amazing headlining musicians with captivating digital […]

Hello Coogs, I hope you are having an awesome November! I want to introduce you to an underground artist who has been known to few hip-hop fans. Russ Vitale is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. It was not long until he created his label, Diemon, which stands for ‘Do It Everyday, Music Or Nothing’. […]

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