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Written by on September 20, 2017

Events this Fall: 2017

Hello Cougars! I hope you all were safe during Hurricane Harvey and in all hopes we survive this semester. On behalf of the Coog Radio team, I want to welcome you to a new semester at the University of Houston. I also want to applaud the Houston community for staying strong as many Houstonians ease into their regular routines again. #HoustonStrong

One of the many things Houston is great at is celebrating its diversity and supporting local communities. This fall, I want Cougars to be able to support our local communities and the diversity we bring to the city of Houston. Check out the following events below to find your adventure.

HTX International Festival | Date: Saturday, September 30 | Location: The Silo | Admission
The HTX International Festival celebrates music and dance from all cultures. HTX has vendors selling local and craft foods from all over the world. You are also encouraged to wear any clothing that represents your country (technically it is required). I would recommend that you check HTX out. This event very popular among the locals, plus you will get to meet many people from different cultures and ethnicities. [Website]

Culturally Naija: Nigeria Cultural Festival | Date: Sat, September 30 | Location: 1510 Polk St. | Admission: Free!
The Nigeria Cultural Festival is in honor of Nigeria’s Independence Day. The parade is intended for cultural awareness and for Houstonians to learn about Nigeria’s traditions. Interested? Check it out! [Website]

Oktoberfest Houston | Date: Sat, September 30 | Location: Buffalo Bayou Park  | Admission
If you are into a Texas and German collaboration, this fest is definitely for you. You also have to admit, Oktoberfest is technically a given on this list. Listen to some polka music while you drink a variety of German-inspired craft beer. Check them out! [Website]

Houston Black Heritage Music and Arts Festival | Date: September 30 | Location: Discovery Green | Admission
The Black Heritage Music and Arts Fest celebrates African and African-American culture conveyed through art, music, poetry and so much more. This fest gives anyone the opportunity learn, share, and celebrate the cultural traditions and heritage of African Americans. [Website]

Festival Chicano | Date: Oct 5-7 | Location: Miller Outdoor Theater | Admission: Free
The Chicano Fest celebrates everything Chicano. The Chicano Fest will include live performances, shine a spotlight on Hispanic cuisine, and a variety of unique music. [Website]

The Original Greek Festival | Date: October 5-8  | Location: Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral | Admission
The Original Greek Festival celebrates the religion, culture, food, and the people of Greece in Houston. The fest will include live music and performances of Greek Folk dance. There will also be vendors selling authentic Greek items such as jewelry, clothing, and so much more. So let’s go check it out! [Website]

Houston Italian Festival | Date: Oct 12-15 | Location: University of St. Thomas | Admission
I am pretty excited about this festival. It feels good to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to eating and making Italian food. The Italian Fest wants to share their savory Italian food along with their heritage and culture. What’s Italian food without wine? The Italian fest also has a variety of wines you can choose while you watch live performances. Is this the time to say “Mamma Mia!” or what? [Website]

Houston Filipino Street Festival | Date: Saturday, October 14 | Location: Levy Park | Admission
The Filipino Young Professionals created the Houston Filipino Fest (second annual). The FYP invites Houstonians to celebrate the culture and heritage of the Philippines. There will be food, drinks, performances, and so much more. Interested? Check out the website below! [Website]

Houston Latin Fest | Date: Oct 15 | Location: Jones Plaza | Admission
Houston’s Latin Fest is one of the few that celebrates the Latin communities, music, and heritage in Houston. The fest puts a spotlight on Latin culture, cuisine, music, and art. [Website]

Taste of Houston Festival | Date: October 14-15 | Location: Town Green Park | Admission
The Taste of Houston Fest was rescheduled due to Hurricane Harvey. Now, all ticket proceeds will be donated to JJ Watt’s  fund for Harvey Relief. I mean this when I say it, THERE WILL BE LOTS OF FOOD, and if you are interested in craft beers, there will be plenty of vendors presenting Houston’s breweries. Performances at the festival will be from local bands from all sorts of genres. Honestly, this festival is all about coming together to support our fellow Houstonians. So are you in? [Website]

Houston Korean Cultural Festival | Date: Saturday, October 21 | Location: Discovery Green | Admission: Free!
I went to K-Fest about a year ago and it left me wanting to learn more about the Korean culture. K-Fest wants to leave you in awe with their cultural performances and food while promoting community growth. I highly recommend attending this event. [Website]

Houston Spain Fest | Date: Saturday, October 21 | Location: Woodlands Equestrian Club | Admission
When I think of Spain, I see horses, dancing, food, and wine. The Houston Spain Fest puts a spotlight on all of those. So what should you expect when attending this event? Lots of performances, lots horses, and lots of food and wine—because that is what highlights Spain’s culture. [Website]

Houston Egyptian Festival | Date: Sat, October 28 | Location: Discovery Green  | Admission
Welcome to the second annual Egyptian Festival. Go out to Discovery Green and check out Egyptian beers, desserts, and food. There will be camels..I REPEAT you can ride and pet exotic camels. The best part though, you can learn about Egyptian history and pick up your own Papyrus art with Hieroglyphics. Check it out! [Website]

Islamic Arts Festival | Date: November 11-12 | Location: Champions Islamic Center | Admission: Free!
The Islamic Festival intends to display Islamic calligraphy, paintings, woodwork, and ceramic tiles from local artists (who you can interact with). From henna tattoos to Ebru, you will get to witness the beautiful rich traditions of art in Islam. [Website]

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