Something Wicked Artist Spotlight: Hippie Sabotage

Written by on September 21, 2017

Hippie Sabotage, a duo of brothers, work together to DJ, write, and produce music from hip-hop and rap to EDM and pop. Sacramento born and raised, their roots began by producing for hip-hop and rap artists, and then later expanding to writing and producing their own EDM-style albums. They are known for “mixing the cultural melting pot” of their hometown by blending their hip-hop roots with EDM-style sound. They have produced for rappers like J. Leake and Yukmouth, as well as working with many Chicago-based rappers, and these roots are heard in their own music.

They received worldwide attention for their blended style and quality production when Ellie Goulding shared their remix of “Stay High” years ago, and since then their fan-base has been growing. They also performed alongside Goulding and Tove Lo, gaining attention in the electro-pop community. The brothers made the Billboard Next Big Sound list as #1 for their new and unique sound blending in several genres. Since their first EP, Vacants, released in 2013, they have released 6 other albums, making for a large discography that has something for everyone. From their first album to their newest release, Drifter (2017), their progress and growth as artists is clear. Their production has improved and every song on Drifter sounds unique, as it encompasses a wide range of styles and genres. From slower, ambient sound, to bass-pounding and high energy. Hippie Sabotage can do it all.

Hippie Sabotage is also known for their lively performances and sets. Their visuals, high energy, and passionate fans make for an exciting and powerful live music experience. The duo will hit Houston this year as they perform at Something Wicked Festival at Sam Houston Racetrack this Halloween weekend. Check out their Soundcloud and get tickets to the festival!

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