Spring 2017: Festivals Coming Soon to a City near You!

Written by on February 1, 2017

On behalf of the CoogRadio crew, I wish you a Happy New Year! This year, CoogRadio vows to exercise the phrase ‘new year new me’ with reviews in music and movies, updates on new and returning shows on CoogRadio, and keeping you in the know with the latest concerts and festivals. Check out our website frequently to stay up to date!

Now, I know most of you are beginning to make plans for spring break and I know…it’s a little hard. College students are always on a budget and we try the find the best deals out there, but when it comes to checking out our favorites artists at a festival—we cannot afford it. Sure, we all want to attend Ultra Music Festival in Miami or Tomorrowland in Belgium but we simply cannot put it in our tight budget. So, what if I told you there was another way for you save money and attend festivals…Interested now? How about taking a road trip in Texas with friends or family? I mean it can go two ways: amazing or incredible. So why not take the chance and live a little? The festivals I listed below are all set in different locations in Texas and are dependent on the days you are available and the genre you prefer.

          Foam N’ Glow   |   Location: Dallas [South Side Ballroom]   |  Date: Friday, March 3
Foam N’ Glow originated in 2011. This bubbly festival quickly became popular with sold out shows across the country. They were featured on Business Insider as “one of the 32 massive parties everyone should experience in their lifetime.” Foam N’ Glow’s electrifying visual effects keep people on their toes. So, if you are bass head and want to get blasted with tons foam, this party is definitely for you.

Website: www.foamnglow.com/          Ticket Info:http://www.foamnglow.com/tickets          Lineup: TBA

SXSW | Location: Austin | Date: March 13-19
I would like to think of SXSW as a networking convention for musicians. SXSW is showcasing over 500 artists from over 65 countries-I know right, talk about diversity and talent. You can network with people from record labels, media outlets, and booking agencies; which could help you out if you plan on making music your career. The genre is a complete mix of rock, alternative, rap, electronic, and so on. Artists performing at SXSW will include Sykes, Third Roots, Valley Hush, and Galaxy Express
Website: http://www.sxsw.com/          Ticket Info: https://www.sxsw.com/attend/          Lineup: https://goo.gl/FXd1Ey

UME | Location: South Padre Island [Clayton’s Outdoors] | Date: March 15-18
Imagine this, you are at a festival where you feel a calming breeze of wind, where your feet sink into the cool sand, and where you feel the music soothing you. That my friend, is South Texas knocking on your door. South Padre’s UME has a crowd that is three times smaller than Ultra Miami and is jam-packed with amazing artists. Those making an appearance will include Marshmello, Tiesto, Zedd, and more.

Website: https://umesouthpadre.com/      Ticket Info: https://goo.gl/Zv8Gzq          Lineup: TBA

Houston Whatever Festival (HWF)  | Location: Houston [Downtown Houston-East]  | Date: April 1-2
HWF is known to promote the local arts Houston. We know Houston has a lot of creativity when it comes to music and comedy so HWF wants to showcase all of it. They will have over 65 acts on 5 different stages for their third annual festival. If you are also a food junkie, HWF will have the best local food trucks around! Lets be honest here, nothing beats local artists, local comedians, local musicians, and local food. So why not check it out?

Website: https://houstonwhateverfest.com/      Ticket Info: https://goo.gl/HDhDKj          Lineup: https://goo.gl/BfRzby

Euphoria Music & Camping Festival  |  Location: Austin [Carson Creek Ranch]   |  Date: April 6-9
If you are the outdoorsy type, Euphoria is for you. Consider it a camping trip with a campfire, the beautiful night sky, and the sweet sound of music. To make the festival a memorable experience, Euphoria wants you to camp out on site, giving you quick access to stages and the starry night. Appearances will be made by Knife Party, Lost Kings, Zeds Dead, and more.

Website: http://www.euphoriafest.com/          Ticket Info: https://goo.gl/kTbdRk           Lineup: http://www.euphoriafest.com/lineup/

Something Wonderful  |  Location: Dallas-Fort Worth [Texas Motor Speedway]  | Date: April 22-23
Remember Something Wicked last year in Houston? Yes? Well let’s assume Something Wonderful is the ‘spring version’ of it. Something Wonderful is packed with EDM artists and they have an amazing visual performance just for you. Their lineup is yet to be announced but headliners include DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, TCHAMI, and Jauz.

Website: https://somethingwonderful.com/          Ticket Info: https://goo.gl/uV5AH3              Lineup: TBA

Middlelands  |  Location: Todd Mission [Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds]  |  Date: May 5-7
I am pretty sure you have seen advertisements on Facebook about Middlelands. This festival does not disappoint, I REPEAT, it does not disappoint. Middlelands is one of my favorite festivals because imagination created it. From the Renaissance days to modern days, Middlelands meets both in the middle with fascinating castles and creatures. They also have multiple camping grounds you can choose from, which will give you easy access to stages and street performances. Those performing will include Seven Lions, Delta Heavy, Galantis, and more.

Website: http://www.middlelands.com/          Ticket Info: https://goo.gl/IjVbHo                        Lineup: https://goo.gl/kSz5rT


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