Day for Night Artist Spotlight: Blonde Redhead

Written by on November 28, 2016

Blonde Redhead

This alternative, indie, and experimental rock band has been going at it for more than two decades. Originally Blonde Redhead was created in 1993 and consisted of twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace, Kazu Makino, and Maki Takahashi. In 1995, the band worked with Steve Shelley and Smells Like Records label to debut their first album, Blonde Redhead. After their first album released, Takahashi left the group. The remaining members proceeded as a trio under the name Blonde Redhead. Makino and Amedeo continued their work on guitars and vocals while Simone played the drums. After releasing four albums and six singles over the years, their popularity grew when they released Misery is a Butterfly in 2004 and reached number four on the Billboard Indie Charts with 23 in 2007.

Check out their latest release Barragán here.

Blonde Redhead plans to attend Houston’s local music arts festival, Day for Night. Day for Night is going to be held on December 17th and 18th and Blonde Redhead will play on Sunday, December 18th from 6:10-6:50 PM on the Green Stage. Want to know more about Blonde Redhead or Day for Night ? Check out the links below!

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