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I remember there was a time when “Somebody That I Used to Know” was all that would play anywhere you went. The Gotye and Kimbra single was released in 2012 and became multi-platinum pretty fast. It then won the duo “Record of the Year” and “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” awards at the 55th Annual Grammy […]

Laurie Anderson has been an avant-garde artist since the 1970s and her works have included performance art, pop music, and projects with a variety of different media. Anderson was born in Chicago in 1947 and from her teenage years began to study the violin and in her 20s relocated to New York City. She graduated […]

Starting a career at 15 can’t be easy by any means (I’m 23 and I’m still struggling) and for someone who is now 25, a decade later, Sky Ferreira is still producing music but is now doing it her way. Ferreira it seems has always been destined for music seeing as how her grandmother was […]

Annie Erin Clark is a Grammy award winning artist who is better known by her stage name St. Vincent. Though born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Clark moved to Dallas at the age of three and was partly inspired by her uncle and jazz musician Tuck Andress to pick up the guitar at age 12. Her inspirations […]

Hello COOGS! I want to share a little something Coog Radio has been going crazy over the last two months. I am new at Coog Radio and when I heard about DAY FOR NIGHT, I was really excited to go. DAY FOR NIGHT is a music festival that combines amazing headlining musicians with captivating digital […]

So today as some of you may be aware the blind pre sale tickets for Free Press Summer Fest 2016 dropped at 10am. I anxiously waited refreshing the page, as one would, every second prior. Much to my disappointment the tickets were $109.50 with a $17 “fee”. Now I am not too shaken by this […]

Coverage by: Trent Lira, Rupal Mehta, Madeline Robicheaux, and Waylon O’Day

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