Kid Cudi Says Goodbye To “Man On The Moon,” & Hello To His New Sound

Written by on October 8, 2015


Kid Cudi rose to fame with the music from his first two Man On The Moon projects. Once fans recently discovered his plans to release “Man On The Moon 3,” they got excited thinking he was going back to his original sound. This was not the case, however, so Kid Cudi went to twitter to discuss how “Man On The Moon 3” is only a title and that the sound on this project will be completely different from the sounds on all his other releases.

Cudi stated that he will never recreate that earlier sound and expressed his desire for fans to no longer listen to his music if they do not like his new sound. Cudi also said that he will begin giving out release dates for Man On The Moon 3 and his double LP, Speeding Bullet To Heaven. I am a fan of Cudi’s earlier work, but I also got a chance to listen to his new sound. From what I heard, it’s cool and different, but I don’t really like it nearly as much as I liked his earlier work. The music does not compare, in my opinion, to his earlier singles but I think his goal was to experiment with a new sound rather than to top Man On The Moon. I respect him for not falling victim to peer pressure, because who are we to tell artists how to express themselves? I’ve posted the link to an older song, “Soundtrack to My Life” and the link to a newer one, “Confused,” below. Let me know what you think about the evolution in sound of Kid Cudi!



By Micah McDonald

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