The Sydney Sensations, The Griswolds, are back! The band released their second studio album, High Times for Low Lives, last November and began their headlining tour this month. The indie-rock, alternative four-piece are no strangers to the state of Texas so it came to no surprise that they would perform to a sold-out crowd. We got the […] Weekend two of Austin City Limits is approaching, and it’s coming in quick. Not only is the festival almost here, so is U.K. punk band Slaves. Slaves was formed in 2012 in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. The band consists of  Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman. The duo has been making a smash in Britain for […]

For most of us, Radiohead has been redefining the music industry since before we were born. Rightly so, considering their debut single is one of the most well known songs of all time. This year, they will headline at ACL, becoming one of the most anticipated acts of the entire festival. 

If you’re first three singles reached the top 5 alternative singles art, you might be Young the Giant. If you perform your songs out in the open for your fans, you might be Young the Giant. If you’re performing both weekends at this year’s ACL Festival, then you’re definitely Young the Giant.  

    Photo by Adam Simons The Maine are no strangers to the annual summer festival, The Vans Warped Tour, in fact this is their fifth year as a performing band on the line-up.

You ever find those bands that just give you the chills while you listen to them? Well then say hello to Handsome Ghost.

December brings Christmas carols, ugly sweaters and here in Houston the cool “chill” of 60 degree weather. Christmas came early for me this year. I did not receive lavish gifts of frankincense and myrrh, no no. Daryl Palumbo was the ultimate Kris Kringle this holiday season.

The types of music that make you feel are the ones that are honest and carry integrity and that is what you will find with The Tragic Thrills. Ironically, there’s nothing tragic about this band unless you define the truth as a tragic thing.

Calling all The 1975 deprived fans, here’s a new band to start obsessing over! Pronounced Lay-Nee, this band is probably the most beautiful love child of 80’s pop, 90’s R&B and current alt-elctro pop all put into one (listen to ILYSB and Bad Bad Bad).

Not much can be found when searching more information about this band of two, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because lucky you, it’s the perfect time to listen to the new artists so when they finally blow up (and they will very soon, trust me) you can claim to have […]

Another band to get stuck in your head, coming up! This week: Gemini Club. This four piece from Chicago might be a little different from what you’re used to as their electronic rock style is hard to duplicate and therefore pretty contagious.

Do you want to listen to a band who has a really awesome psychedelic rock sound and the lead singer’s voice is scarily similar to John Lennon’s? If so, Tame Impala is the band for you! I first heard about them from Tyler, the Creator’s song “Bimmer” so out of curiosity I gave them a […]

During the past few weeks, the real world was consuming my life with homework and midterms. I had no time to catch up with the music world and it was really upsetting. After a hectic week, I was able to consolidate and put together songs that have been buzzing in my ear lately. As you […]

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