Under the Christmas tree is a post-hardcore present

December brings Christmas carols, ugly sweaters and here in Houston the cool “chill” of 60 degree weather.

Christmas came early for me this year. I did not receive lavish gifts of frankincense and myrrh, no no. Daryl Palumbo was the ultimate Kris Kringle this holiday season.

On the first day of December the post-hardcore band from Long Island Glassjaw shocked fans by dropping a new song “New White Extremity.”

Their 2011 EP Coloring Book was the most recent to be released since this past Tuesday.

It has been 13 long years since Worship and Tribute, the last full studio album and post-hardcore essential, made its debut. Fans have been itching for a new full length album since.

This is huge.

The band has endured label changes and member departures during the last 13 years and only rumors speculated the release of a third full studio album.

No information has been provided whether or not “New White Extremity” will develop into the long awaited and anticipated third album.

All we can do now is hold our breath and cross our fingers.

Check out “New White Extremity” below.





By Corina Carrizales

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