Fun Fun Fun Fest Artist Spotlight: Gogol Bordello

Written by on October 21, 2015


Gogol Bordello isn’t a band; it’s a way of life.

First utilized by nomads roaming the earth before time, the band’s message has been heavily imprinted in oral history as one on unity and joy. Their sound combines Romani elements, punk and rock to create a wonderful cadence of upbeat and cheerful music that leaves the audience yelling and clapping along. Made up of Ukrainian frontman Eugene Hutz and a mixed crew from other cultures, this group expresses the global citizen lifestyle. On stage, the band dresses up in lavish and colorful attire and gets the crowd going with their antics. The energy and intensity of this band is as immense as this international crew tries to unite the cultures of the world through their music.

The first time I ever heard this band was in the film “Wristcutter,” an amazing romantic story that used the song “Through the Roof ‘n’ Underground” as a backdrop for their travels. It was mellow but at the same time very uplifting. The subject matter of their songs are about culture and inciting a revolution focused on self-determination and peace.

I’ve seen this band live three times, and each time was special and beautiful. Eugene’s Slavic accent rattling over his acoustic guitar with a fiddle playing in the background truly makes for an enjoyable sound. The crowds were lively the whole time as we jumped and moshed to feel alive and part of something bigger. Their most recent album Pura Vida Conspiracy, released in 2013, told more of a story as Eugene reflects upon his life exaggerating events and celebrating his culture. Most of the tracks on the album are about being determined and making your own path in life.

Be sure to check out this lively band at Fun Fun Fun Fest on Nov. 7 at Auditorium Shores in Austin!


By Leo Bulaev

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