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As all of you know, we are giving away tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest! Today, we are giving away a pair right here! All you have to do is write a short story in the comments that includes your favorite Fun Fun Fun fest artist. Whoever has the best story will win a pair of 3-day passes. You have until midnight to submit your story.

15 thoughts on “Fun Fun Fun Fest Ticket Giveaway!

  1. This story is about the rite of passage for a young girl and her acceptance to a native american tribe. Her first trial was a test of smarts, she was tasked with reciting the ancient tribal alphabet and numeric system. Our girl, having wanted to join this clan since her birth thought back to her young childhood where her old Polish mother entertained her dreams and taught her the complex and difficult scripture. She was fortunate to clear the first trial but more awaited. Second was a test of endurance, she was required to not smile for hours in the face of clowns, skits, and Indians home funniest videos, but she endured, cause this was her dream. Her last test was a trial of strength with the only other remaining competitor. He was the tribe prodigy and was born to fulfill this rite of passage. Albeit young and small, he had grown up watching and learning from these trials. It was a gruesome duel with blood shed on both sides, but it was a wildly swung leg, whose knee collided with the young boy knocked him out, and our champion had emerged. The girl having joined the tribe would attend a feast in her honor where much fun was had, and she was given the title “Knee on” for her struggles in her trials.
    And this was the story of how our polish girl became a Neon Indian and attended a Fun Fun Fun Fe(a)st.

  2. She was the type of girl who loved the crisp smell of autumn in the air, the crunches below her feet as she stepped on the fallen leaves, and the wind against her cheeks.

    She was, blatantly, not too special of a person, but she is our protagonist none the less.

    She liked to listen to Cvrches in her room, she loved a warm cup of coffee in between her fingers, and she always wore a big, fuzzy sweater that blanketed her with warmth and happiness. Everything was okay, and all was right in the world. It didn’t matter that she lost her vision at the age of nine.

    Our protagonist loved to go on adventures. Every time she walked outside she would pull from her memory and imagine the color of the clouds and the sky. Every day the sky would be different for her. Sometimes she’d see pink, and sometimes she’d see blue. She listened to the little things too – the birds flapping their wings, the baby across the street crying, possibly to her imagination, because he lost his balloon.

    She purchased items in the markets on the streets so she could feel – rich, velvet soft fabric, gorgeous red, plump tomatoes, and cold, tiny grains of sand where she could dip her fingers into and make an imprint. She loved what she felt, and she loved to imagine each item with bursts of colors and textures.

    She saw the entire world within a block, and for that, she was grateful.

  3. About 3 years ago my taste in music began taking shape,
    I separated from the norm and created my own landscape.
    My Spotify intrigued all who gave their attention,
    The faces of Top 40 listeners seemed like they had experienced a new invention.
    From Mumford and Sons to Vampire Weekend,
    My playlist would appeal to everyone I would befriend.
    Following one long day I discovered a mysterious sound,
    that managed to sway me every time that I frowned.
    What seemed like smooth, melodic genius
    Came into my head whenever I was sleepless.
    But who was behind my playlist emergence?
    Only the beautiful, swift creature other known as CHVRCHES.

  4. The artist I would love to go see is Odesza! I’ve been listening to them since their album Summer’s Gone in 2012. 3 years waiting to go see these people!!!

  5. So I come home and as I creep up the stairs I hear a guitar riff .. is that.. Instant Disassembly I hear??
    I turn the corner to see Austin, Andrew, Max and Sean.
    Parquet courts are playing in my house—not daft punk—but parquet courts.
    But there is something else that is fishy about this scene. I look down, feeling something prickly–expecting my wooden floors—I see grass.. the very grass of auditorium shores. I can smell Town Lake from here! Can this be real? Oh but it is.. for lo and behold I have my jean jacket, my mullet, and my button pin repping the Gucci COOG. I look down to see my iphone with FFFF Twitter hashtags ready on deck… I am ready for the taco cannon—ready for glory.

  6. Being from Memphis, I have always loved listening to hip hop and rap. Right now, Rae Sremmurd is one of the artists thats always on the radio and I get so pumped listening to his songs before going out. Almost every time we go out, we listen to “No type” and “Flex Zone”. Everyone would laugh at my cousin and I when we would listen to these types of songs because people assume that we are the type of girls that listen to lets say…a more mellow genre of music. Since we’ll already be in Austin, seeing Rae Sremmurd and Schoolboy Q live would definitely bring out the Memphis in us in Austin!

  7. Rewind to 10th grade, High School business class…Mr. Rael is the teacher. Not entirely sure how this got brought up but we were talking about the Entertainment industry and he mentioned a niece of his…saying that the industry ruins lives and families and that his niece is now the “black sheep” of his because of her outlandish persona. Totally ostracized from the family, not invited to reunions, I’m sure she’s off the will…yadda yadda. Her stage name was “Peaches”.

    So imagine this 65 year old high school teacher introducing a room of thirty 16 year olds to idea of “Peaches”. Naturally, we all go home that day and I’m pretty sure I asked Jeeves “who is the artist named Peaches”?. The results were pretty NSFS (does that still work when you replace “work” with “school”?).

    We gossiped. Chatted and whispered about her beard and wondered if she was man, was there incest, what the hell is a Fatherfucker and why are Canadian Jews crazy…ya know…typical high school banter about teachers and their families.

    It made for a good laugh and one we never brought back up to Mr. Rael.

    Fast forward to my college years, I can’t image them without the sound of Peaches playing while I’m dancing around my dorm with my roommates. I remember attempting to brag to them saying “I KNOW HER UNCLE”.

    If only I could go back in time and give Mr. Rael a high-five, I totally would.

  8. Here’s a story on how I gained mad street cred. So my first car was a 2000 honda civic. And it was nice but due to UH drivers a little beat up. So I’m driving down the street on my way to a house party just jamming the Wu Tang Clan album the Swarm. I have 3 people in the car, all my sorority sisters. All of a sudden a mint green Chevy impala with the spokes on the side pulls up and rolls down the window. This black guy yells at me “Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck wit” and gives me “the nod,” and drives off. In that moment we became certifiable OG’s, Original Gangstas. Now we run these streets. That’s the story of how Wu Tang Clan changed my life.

  9. A short story in the comments. Please send me to see CHVRCHES. I love you. Too soon? Yeah, you’re probably right – but I won’t take it back.

  10. At the tender young age of 21, I discovered a bar in Orlando that played indie dance music every Thursday night. After my first full night there, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. $1 PBR’s and $2 Jäger shots accompanied the sounds of The Killers, The Strokes, Hot Hot Heat, and then throw in some Queen. Yes, I’m absolutely aging myself right now because 33 is basically one foot in the grave, amirite? I kid. Anyway, this bar introduced me to the Canadian goddess known as Peaches. Her music was so bizarre, but amazing nonetheless. I went to that bar almost every Thursday for years and I never hesitated to white-girl-dance my booty off every time Peaches came over the loud speakers. I would love the chance to show off my killer (ahem, mediocre at best) dance moves right in front of that blue stage at FFF Fest to the baddest bitch in town, Peaches, of course. ???

  11. So this was last year. The growlers had their show at the Fitzgeralds. I ended up buying a ticket over priced to see them play. And it was worth it for sure. So me and a friend stayed to get them to sign the record that we bought and take a photo with both Brooks Nielsen, and Kyle Straka. I took advantage of the situation and asked why don’t they perform more often in Houston this city is filled with good music and lots of things to do. They stayed an extra day and we showed them around some fun bars, stores, hidden spots. They promised they’ll play in Houston soon. So yea that was very unique and pretty sweet experience. I think they’ll remember us for sure.

  12. One of my favorite concert experiences was when I saw The Growlers last October. I remember my friend inviting me last minute to check them out at Fitzgerald’s, an indie gem in Houston. I wasn’t sure what to expect since their music is a little more chill than dance but I knew I would probably end up having a great time regardless.

    And wow, what a night. From two twin brothers playing a punk set with just a bass guitar and a drum set, to a gorgeous man in drag literally surfing on the crowd with the top from an ice chest, I had never had so much fun.

    By the time The Growlers played their set, the crowd was in full motion ready to take them in. We were all serenaded and in awe by Brooks Nielsen (the lead vocalist), who swayed with us and who’s nostalgic voice made me feel like we were in the 70s checking out a funky Doors show.
    It was a perfect moment, and I danced, danced, and danced the night away.

  13. My headphones are a necessity when I arrive on campus, to mellow out my mood and keep my walk to class less boring. Pandora is my best friend, and I was always tuned into one particular station. I never usually like when a women is the lead singer of most bands, but Chvrches was different. Catchy electropop gave me energy and made me wanna dance as I walked to my dreaded morning classes. Their lyrics tugged at my heartstrings, because most of it I could identify with. Whenever I hear their catchy tunes again, I am instantly reminded of those cool, fall mornings and the beginning of the end of my time at the University of Houston.

  14. The year is 1999. I am but a Todler. American Football comes onto the scene as a very important emo band. Fast forward to 2011, I am in high school and discover the emotional self-titled album by American Football, and can’t stop listening to it. I never thought I would be album to see them live. But in 2015, the FFF fest lineup is released. I need to see American Football so I can cry and be complete. Fin.

  15. The main artist i want to see at Fun Fun Fun Fest is Odesza. I’ve always been a big fan of their genre of music. My first time seeing Odesza live was at FPSF and that was one of my greatest memories to date.

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