Artist Spotlight: Clairity

Written by on February 8, 2016


Meet Claire Rachel Wilkinson, better known as Clairity, from Clarksville, TN. Not only has she been writing her own songs since she was 13, but she also taught herself how to play keyboard just from watching YouTube videos. The adorable 18 year old with choppy black hair and retro, pixelated glasses has a voice you might remember if you’re a fan of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” and CW’s “The 100.” 

If you watch “Teen Wolf” then you’ve probably heard her bone chilling song “Exorcism” playing in one of this seasons episodes during *ahem* a Liam and Hayden scene. Not only does the song have a slightly creepy tune that you can’t help but dig, but the lyrics themselves help you visualize the toxic relationship she sings about.

“Gotta rid you from my system

It’s time for an exorcism.”

Clairity revealed that she was writing this song on her way to the gym and that it was actually about her mother and a recent divorce she had been through. She uses metaphors to explain how hard it is to let go of someone in order to become a better you.

Make sure to check her out on Spotify, follow her on Twitter, FacebookInstagramTumblr and to download her latest EP Alienation out now on iTunes.

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