New Music: “Prayers/Triangles” from Deftones

Written by on February 8, 2016

Well, if you read the previous post about Deftones and how rumors were circling of the name of the album being Gore, you’ll know I thought it was a ruse. What led me to believe this was that lead singer Chino Moreno made those awful graphics and tweeted them.


I thought he was mocking the rumors. I was surprised Friday morning when Spotify notified me the Deftones releasing their new single “Prayers/Triangles” which was one of the tracks floating around, but unconfirmed by the band.

I will admit, they got me good.

As for the song, I am a fan.

Chino’s voice was harmonic at first and had a dreamy effect to it. The screams we all love so dearly were not unveiled until the ends of the song. It leads me to believe, or hope rather, that in the full length album we will be provided with grittier stuff. I will admit I listened to it nonstop for a few hours.

Sadly, they did not use the album cover Chino made and shared on Twitter. The actual cover for this single is pretty unusual and comical though. It features the title Gore in the center in thin, hard-to-read font and the background is a flock of flamingos flying in the sky.

Check out the song below.



By Corina Carrizales

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