Accounts You Need to Follow to Make the Most Out of SXSW 2016

Written by on March 4, 2016

For a first timer, and even for a seasoned veteran, going to the South By Southwest music festival in Austin can be very overwhelming and can easily go from a good time to feeling like a chore. Thankfully there are some amazing people out there who are here to help!


This year SXSW music week will run from March 15th-20th. My first year my friend and I created a google document where we both collaborated to include the parties and events we wanted to go to. That worked out amazingly and we got to get into a lot of secret parties thanks to some very useful twitter users.

So here are some Twitter accounts you should follow to get the most up-to-date news, rumors and even free drinks and food if you’re 21+!

I do recommend making a Twitter list or a separate twitter account to follow all of these accounts because it can get overwhelming on a personal account.

@CameronatSX (Cameron posts everything from announcements to rumors and free events for badge and non-badge holders)

@SXSWPartyList  (The name speaks for itself!)

@OpenBarATX (Free Drinks!)


@WoahCo  (Party and rumor announcements!)

@TheFader (Remember Miley Cyrus’ special appearance at SXSW last year?? Yeah that was at Fader Fort, one of the biggest events during music week!)

@Do512 (A lot of SXSW parties are RSVP only through Do512!)

@MtvU (The Woodies are held every year at SXSW! make sure to request tickets here!)

@RSVPster –

Speaking of RSVP’s be sure to sign up with RSVPster (with a burner email! trust us!) they are a website that will RSVP you to all the biggest parties and will send you the confirmations through email and you can choose which ones you want to attend and not have to worry about anything else. (music week is only $30!)

Remember to check out new artists along with the ones you’re already a fan of and get some new tunes to get you through the second half of the semester!


By Norma Becerra

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