Initial Listen : untitled unmastered. by Kendrick Lamar

Written by on March 4, 2016

I was literally sleeping on new Kendrick. I heard there was something new last night but was too tired to focus.

Never mind the fact that it’s untitled and unmastered.; it’s by Kendrick Lamar. This project made me realize how hungry I’ve been for fresh Kendrick joints. This short 34 -minute eight track EP is TDE’s release of new material as promised in a recent Instagram post by TDE CEO @dangerookipawaa.

With TDE’s promise and some prodding by LeBron James in recent tweets following Kendrick’s latest Grammy performance “You have to release those untitled tracks asap!!!”

TDE comes through with masterfully unmastered grove that is untitled unmastered. These tracks feel like they could have been on TPAB but were never fully polished. They have the same wide mix of instruments and experimental beats that Kendrick’s previous project had. He freestyles with precision, ever word is measured and poetic. At times this project goes hard with coarse and raw lyricism while other tracks are mellower and with some soul in them.

His flows on “Untitled 01 and 02,” are straight up hypnotic reminding us that Kendrick is on a different level. “02” has a playful gospel like flow, then Kendrick murders it!

“Untitled 03” is mellow and upbeat with a lighter flow to it. “Untitled 04” Kendrick whispers subliminal words while an instrumental twanging of guitar strings fills the background.

“05,” doesn’t lend me too much to write about, I liked it, it’s just a hard track to explain.

“Untitled 06,” was mellow with a soul sounding hook, instrumentals and a whole lot of soul. Kendrick sounds playful on this track, experimenting with different sounds.

“07,” “Hip! Hip! Hooray! The beat is straight up maniacal as Kendrick spits a hard flow, until the middle. An interlude abruptly cuts the flow before Kendrick comes in on a different beat and flow in this 8-minute track before a recording of Kendrick just jamming out with a band finishes the last 4 minutes.

“Untitled 08,” is the mentioned “Blue Faces,” In LeBron’s response tweet to TDE releasing untitled unmastered. It’s a simple, uplifting and catchy.

This was just on the initial listen, I’m sure I’ll have more to say once I’ve had time to properly digested this project. But with that being said, I’m ecstatic to hear some more new Kendrick.


By Leo Bulaev

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